Friday, January 25, 2013

What Mormon's Really Believe: Pre-Earth Life from a Non-Mormon Perspective

I always hesitate when an article begins circulating among my friends on Facebook in regards to my chosen faith (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, nicknamed the Mormons). They always seem to fall into one of two categories: writers who are biased for this church - typically members, or those biased against this church - typically non-members. Regardless of where they are coming from, something always slips between those pesky lines that shows on which side of the fence they reside.

Then there are the comments posed afterward. No matter who wrote the article and what it said, comments get nasty, I get upset, and regret for days after reading the article.

For the most part I refused to read the most recent post everyone passed around. I didn't want to get sucked in once again by individuals claiming this was such a good read and so positive. Hearing it was from someone who was not a member of my church also left me in doubt, not because it's impossible for someone who's faith is not my own to write a positive article about it, but because most of the time what appears to be kindness holds a pinch of subtle mocking.

Today I broke and read the article. I have to admit it was succinct, accurate, and as far as I could tell held no bias one way or the other. I refused to look at the comments, and have been able to keep this article as a thing of kindness in my mind. Therefore I would like to share it with you now. Please click on the link below and hear a brief summary of what Mormons believe about pre-earth life, and how it relates to our passion for freedom and liberty now. I would also take a brief moment to thank the writer, Mike Jensen, for being so kind.

Smart Mormons