Friday, March 19, 2010

Another Post of Pictures

So I've apparently been saving up a bunch of pictures to load on here... either that or I may have been lax in my attentions to the blog. I'm leaning toward the latter.

In an attempt to make up for my serious lapse in blogging fun, I've decided to inundate you with pictures. The first three are of my sweet baby girl. She wanted me to take her picture next to "Cindallella", as A calls it. While she posed she tried to give me her: Angry Face

Her sad face:

And her Happy Face. Do you see the difference? 'Cause I'm a bit puzzled, lol.

As part of our Valentine's date my hubby and I went to the Spaghetti Factory. In the parking lot I saw something I HAD to take a pic of for my boys. Methinks there are others that would enjoy it too :)

Oh yeah, that's a Hummer with a Batman decal!
About two weeks ago my hubby was sent on a work conference leaving me and the kiddies at home. I thought to myself, "No problem. We'll find some fun things to do while Dad's gone!" Uh, no. Instead EVERY ONE OF THE KIDS got terribly sick!!! During that week and for the first half of this week I found myself wiping hoards of noses, going through boxes of tissues and bottles of medicines in an attempt to keep the sick at bay. All four of the kids ended up at the doctor (on different days, of course) where they were all put on anti-biotics :( I am happy to report a much happier and healthier household, though M is still in recovery. There was a lot of school missed, but I did stop to take a picture of a precious moment.
Miss A and Mr. J don't always get along the greatest. It has everything to do with A's ornery nature - come on, those who really know her KNOW she can be an ornery cuss, especially when it comes to J. However, there was an evening when she was stretched out on the couch with a fever, and J came to sit next to her and act as body guard. She actually didn't shoo him away.

My nephew had a big birthday last weekend with some of his cousins. It was SO much fun. They started out by playing a game my parents introduced to us called "Don't Eat Pete."

There's a little "board" filled with M&M's characters. On this you put one small candy (my bro used marshmallows) on each box.

One person goes away from the board while another picks which character will be Pete. Then the first guy comes back and begins taking one candy at a time in the hopes of clearing the board without picking Pete. If he/she picks Pete, the rest of the group yells out "Don't Eat Pete!" It's hilarious when you get my brother involved.
The birthday boy naturally got to go first.

After everyone had a few turns Pirate Dad came out to go on a treasure hunt with the kids.

Here's the finished map. (And yes, I realize the picture is upside down.)

He had them running upstairs and down, doing jumping jacks, running around the couch.
After they found the treasure it was time for birthday cupcakes.

And then opening presents :)

It is so fun to watch him open gifts - he gets SO excited.

Here are the kids "helping" to put the race track together.

Those who couldn't wait to have some fun popped over to launch the Buzz Rocket.

Even the littlest managed to catch some air!

Later in the week our little family celebrated our D's birthday. It's always bittersweet, and I've thought more than once about stopping, but for now the kids seem to really enjoy it.

Near the headstone is this fantastic tree! Our kids having been climbing this since M was a little one.

Later that night we had some cake and let the kids each blow out a candle.

And that catches us up for the past month! Hope you enjoyed today's post :)


Debbie D said...

Wow. Have you been busy! The birthdays all look like fun (with exception to little D, of course). I think it's so neat however that you carry on this tradition. When one of our ward members passed away at only 28 years of age leaving a wife and two kids, it was said at his funeral that those who we love still pray for us, still commune to our Heavenly Father in our behalf. That is something I had never even thought of before, yet it makes perfect sense. Your son knows you and is very aware and mindful of you and your family. Now that's something to make you smile :)

Momma Ellen said...

"A" looks all grown up! She's not a baby anymore, surprise. And it looks like the kids had a blast with their cousins. I've always loved treasure hunts--making them and doing them, both. I thought of you on little D's birthday. I'm glad your kids want to remember him. It gives a connection, don't you think? Often I feel my loved ones' spirits close by, and I'm sure they pray for me, and I think it's okay for me to pray for them, too. So grateful for the gospel!

Missy AKA Little Messy Missy said...