Monday, September 20, 2010

Light Up Your World

As our ward choir was singing yesterday in church, I dropped my oldest over for one last practice about 8:30 am. During my ride home I listened to 100.3 fm, a local radio station that plays more sacred and religious based music on the Sabbath.

Even as I pulled up into my driveway a song I'd never heard before, by an artist whose name I could not even remotely pin down, began to play. Before turning off the car four little words were sung, immediately capturing my attention and not letting go even now.

"Light up your world."

We are all asked to be a light in this world, a light for righteousness, for love, for all the good things in life. A light that represents our Savior, His example, and His teachings. We have been told to be a light unto the world, a phrase that can sound daunting, perhaps to some even impossible. How can one person light up the entire world? How is it possible for us, who may never reach further than our own little neighborhoods, influece this vast and enormous world filled with people we may never meet in our lifetime?

Those four little words, just one of them changed, brought about a beautifully enlightening thought to my own mind: we don't have to light up the entire world, but we should be working our hardest to light up our own world.

Some of us out there are not filled with wanderlust. We do not crave the chance to travel from place to place, to move a billion times over, or to wander too far from home. I am certainly one of these people. So the circle of people I know is small compared to some. But this does not mean I can't have a great influence on that small circle of loved ones. It does not mean I can't be a light for those I meet in my own little, yet wholly satisfying, world.

Who knows how one kind word, one unexpected hug, one spontaneous compliment, or one experience in listening to the Holy Spirit's whisperings will influence the life of someone around you? It could be someone you've known your entire life. It could be the individual at the check-out counter at your local grocery store. Whoever he/she may be, you never know when holding up your light nice and high may cause another lost or hurting soul to be comforted, to be lightened, or even to start on a path of finding themselves closer to the Savior. All because you chose to hold up your one, seemingly insignificant light.

We don't need to light up the entire world, but when we choose to shine the light of Christ on those around us the effects might actually ripple to places we would have never expected. Our influece could be felt in places far beyond our own limited reach.

No, we don't have to worry about lighting up the entire world, but we should do all we can to light up our own world.

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Debbie said...

Today as I was dropping Morgan off at pre-school, there was a little girl screaming and i mean SCREAMING for her Mom not to go. This Mom had another child in a stroller and was trying to squeeze through the door while the poor teacher held the screaming girl. I quickly checked Morgan in and went out in the hall. I saw this poor lady standing next to the wall with tears streaming down her cheeks. I didn't even know her but I felt prompted to walk up to her and give her a hug. I told her her little girl would be okay, and that she would probably stop crying before she (the mom) even got to the main doors. She looked and me, and in broken English said "Thank You". I told her things would be okay and it would get easier and then i sad "Listen, no more crying" Her little girl had calmed down. I gave this woman another hug and headed out the door. As I was driving away I felt such gratitude for being able to lift someone up, for being an instrument in God's hands. I definitely felt that I was a light in her world. And I am grateful for that.