Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Finding Purpose

I am the sort of individual who needs to have a purpose in life - something to work towards, put my energy into. Having recently finished a writing project I'd been asked to do, the last week has left me feeling a bit listless (this typically happens after I've finished a big project).

If you read my last post, you know I've been trying to re-sort my priorities. Over the last few months I've been given several opportunities to attend the temple, but there have been too many worldly (and sacred) things that I have allowed to take first place. As children are preparing to get out of school for the summer it hit me quite hard that my opportunities would lessen with the kids home.

This morning I took firm hold of the free time I'd been blessed with and headed off to the temple. I spent two absolutely beautiful hours there, and had a good "chat" with my Heavenly Father, thanking Him for so many good things that have happened lately as well as asking for some help.

More than anything today I wanted to know what my purpose needed to be for the next little while. I've been doubting so many things - one of the biggest being whether or not I am truly supposed to be in our Young Women's presidency. I'm not over anything specific, like preparing and giving lessons, monitoring personal progress, nor even making lists. Without something specific to do I have begun to wonder what my purpose in this program is supposed to be.

Along with my questions there I have also wondered what I needed to be doing as the wife of a bishop. Talk about someone with purpose - he's got so much it's oozing out his ears. But what about me? I often find myself stuck in this funny middle ground where I'm either expected to do everything, or absolutely nothing.

Today as I finished my prayer and began to put some things away before changing out of my temple clothes, I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to see a darling little woman with beautiful white hair and a name tag that read "Sister Adair" (I think). In a sweet voice she asked, "May I give you a hug?" Of course I said yes! We embraced in a way that easily spoke love, offered one another thanks and farewells, then I watched as she spoke with another temple patron before turning the corner. I didn't see her again as I left.

Into my heart came the most beautiful feeling of utter happiness. That is your purpose it said to me, and I rejoiced. For if there is anything I can do with gusto, it's show love. Whether I am a bishop's wife, a young women's leader, a mom, a daughter, a wife, or a friend, one thing I can do in any role is to show pure love to those with whom I come in contact. I can show them one tiny little glimpse of the love our Father and Brother have for each one. Just as this sister was an angel to me today, I can be as such for someone else.

I have found my purpose.

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Debbie said...

I am lucky enough to have been a recipient of that love. You show it well when it is needed by those who are feeling un-loved. Thank you.