Monday, July 16, 2012

Could You Please Turn Off the Computer?

Earlier today my younger son, Mr. B, came in and asked if we could start reading a book together. Mr. J had just finished reading it himself and wouldn't stop telling his little bro about all the seriously cool stuff going on. Mr. B likes to have someone else do the reading for the most part, and seems to enjoy it when his Mama does the reading, hence his coming in to my room and asking.

Before Daddy came home and we left for a quick family outing, Mr. B would read one page, then I would read the next. After a while he was getting frustrated by the appearance of the others who kept grabbing my attention. He also wasn't digging the fact that I was trying to do something on my little computer at the same time, even though I proved I was listening to every word he read.

When Dad said, "Let's go everyone!" my little guy grabbed the book and said, "Should I bring it with us?" I said we'd better not, as we really wouldn't have a chance to sit down and read while we were out. At his disappointed look I promised, "When we get back home the two of us will read again."

Immediately he said, "Can it be just the two of us? With no one else?" I said yes, though I couldn't promise someone might need me here and there for the unexpected not being able to put the toothpaste on the toothbrush. A feat not to be trusted to Dad, apparently.

"And can you please turn off the computer and just read with me?"

I laughed. I really did. He totally had my number. For a woman who was frequently after her kids for spending so much time on the computer and not doing other things, I was guilty of doing the same thing. From my lips came the sacred oath that, "Yes, honey, I'll turn off the computer and give all my attention to you and the book."

And I did :)


Just Your Average Mommy said...

Hi! Just found your blog today - I too am guilty of becoming a slave to the computer!! My husband calls me out on it all of the time!

Happy blogging!

LaurieW said...

Ah yes. Computer addiction. The first step is admitting it, right? ;) Thanks for commenting!