Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Firstfruits of Spring!

Crocuses are not my favorite flower. They flower for such a short time, and the bulbs multiply and replenish so heartily they've begun growing between the cracks of our front walkway. And it doesn't matter how hard you work to get rid of the bulbs...they always find a way to come back!!!

That being said, the brightest spot of my day (barely beating out an e-mail from Herbie) was seeing the first bright yellow blooms opening up in my front flower bed. I got out my camera and took several pictures, but these are my absolute favorite.

Beautiful, right? I have one little purple crocus, but it's veeery shy and doesn't like to poke it's head up for a few weeks after the yellows.


Emily said...

Very beautiful! I am so anxious for Spring!!

Josie and Wayne said...

Those are so pretty! I wish flowers were blooming here in Idaho. I was getting excited the other day because I saw some pretty green weeds poking out of the gravel! I can't wait for spring!

Momma Ellen said...

WOW! Spring is on its way!!!