Thursday, April 2, 2009

Band-aids and Kissing Doctors

My youngest came out of the bathroom with a band-aid in hand. It doesn’t matter if she has an owie, she just loves to have the band-aids. What’s silly is as soon as we put the band-aid on, she immediately acts as though she’s been mortally wounded, cannot possibly walk (most of her band-aids go on the knees), and crouches as she scuttles through the house clutching her supposedly injured knee.

At one point she had made it into the boys’ room (who were busy giving it the weekly cleaning). They were all in and out of the room for a good ten minutes before I heard the following conversation.

B: “You okay baby?”

A: “I got owie.”

B: “Oh no, do you need the doctor?”

A: “Yeah.”

B: “J, come here quick.”

J comes: “What’s wrong?”

B: “A is hurt. Are you the Kissing Doctor?”

J: “Yeah. Does she need her owie kissed?”

B: “She sure does, Doctor.”

J: “Move out of the way.”

At this point a kiss was attempted, but A quickly let it be known it would not be required (and by that I mean there was quite a bit of yelling from all parties until Mom said to leave her alone and get back to cleaning).

After giving it some thought, I’ve decided every family needs a kissing doctor. In fact, most families probably have at least one. I can’t tell you how many owies I’ve kissed better over the years.


Emily said...

Such a cute story! And I agree ~ a kiss on an owie does wonders! My kids always ask me to kiss where they hurt. It's so cute the "magic" and love that helps an owie feel better! :)

missy lou said...

I wish Kisses worked on teenagers....sometimes hugs help!