Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The January Thaw

Here in the Salt Lake Valley we get teased by the weather in January. After weeks of below freezing temperatures, air so hazy and thick with impurities even the healthiest of people find themselves wheezing, and watching drivers (who after living here for years should know better) skid across snow-slick roads, the last thing we want to think about is the months of nasty weather ahead.

So imagine my surprise when every year the snow starts melting, we're occasionally given reminders of what the sun looks like, and can see anything from sudden snow flurries to rain! The temperatures go from single digits to as high as the forties. OH BLISS! I recall one year when the neighbors all chuckled at the sight of my husband mowing the last of the leaves off the lawn because everything dried out just enough.

Of course, this is only a teaser. Give it another week or two and we'll be back to knee-deep snow drifts and icy temps. So much for soaking in the Spring-like weather.

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Debbie D said...

Holy cow Laurie,
At the beginning of last February we had a big family dinner for Andrew's grandmas birthday (her last one sadly) and I made Andrew go outside and mow and trim the backyard (which he let grow amok at the end of the season) because it was in the high 40's so we could go outside and roast marshmallows in the fire bowl. That's too funny that your hubby was doing yard work too. But yeah, doesn't the air smell delicious and CLEAN, and the sunshine and blue skies are enough to make one practically GIDDY. Aw melting snow...