Sunday, January 3, 2010

Sunday Inspirations January 3, 2010

I seriously thought about taking the last day of 2009 and the first day of 2010 and posting about memories and planned changes. But I was busy having too much fun with my family. So instead I've saved it for today. Lucky guys, you all are!

2009 has left me feeling conflicted. It was a year filled with intense struggles, not only for myself but for many around me. The majority of my year dealt with trying to handle depression, not handling depression, and finally being given the helping hands I've needed to feel happy and alive again. My husband in his role as a Mormon bishop for the second year has found himself needing to grow in ways we never thought would be necessary. We've watched as rumors and backbiting reared their ugly heads around the members we love, and have witnessed the extraordinary faith of others that has carried them through trials and tribulations.

I have never been able to deny the hand of the Lord at work even through the tough times. Even when things got so hard I didn't know if we'd make it another day, we were always granted a kindness from our beloved Savior through the love of others. On the roughest of days I have received beautiful words of encouragement. When my husband at times felt utterly unloved a ward member would offer up just the right words to help him carry through. As we struggled to make sense of horrible situations, others filled with light and beauty would appear to help remind us of why we do all we do. It's those tender mercies I'm so fond of, sent by a loving Father and Brother, that got us through this last year.

Here in 2010 (it's still a bit surreal to write that) my most sincere hope is to see good things happen with all the lessons learned. How wonderful it would be to see people once again able to get jobs, to provide for their families, to heal broken hearts, and to repent, enabling them to come back to the Lord. How I long to see friends who have tried so desperately for so long to have children finally have their wish granted. And oh how I hope those who have recently reached out to find new friends and new solace in those they may never before have looked to, to keep up those friendships so that no one feels alone.

For myself, I've decided to set up some personal goals to help stretch myself. I want to see if some of the lessons I've learned over the last year can be put to good use in this new one, and to try changing the things I've noticed about myself by replacing certain things with better behaviors. As goals not written down rarely get accomplished, I'm going to take a moment to write the top five of mine down.

First, I'm giving up soda. I hadn't let it touch my lips for several years until I got preggo with my youngest, and was so desperately sick with her Diet Coke was the only thing I could drink. Since then I've escalated and it's getting silly. When I'm drinking more pop than water it's time for a change.

Second, I'm going to refrain from playing on Facebook unless I've gotten some form of work done first. Even if it means I do ten minutes of work, then ten minutes on Facebook, it's time to get that priority in order!

Third, it's time to get back to my writing. I've been playing so much with making bookmarks, jewelry, and crocheting I haven't written on either of my books-in-progress. It's high time I put in at least a little effort with those. At the same time I want to get back into learning, reading. I love to learn and haven't done much of it lately.

Fourth, I'm going to exercise for a half hour five times a week. Whether it's walking at the mall with my husband or strength training, this is the year I want to make a real effort to take control of my health, and I want to start with exercise. My hubby and I have even joined a "Biggest Loser" group to help encourage us for the first six months. Though the process is completely up to us, we're all going for the big "pot" at the end.

And fifth, I want to refocus my attention on teaching the kids. With our recently crazy schedules too many things were pushed aside: family home evening, dinner at the table, scripture reading, etc. I want to make certain my children have a good portion of the spiritual side and family time to balance out what they get everywhere else. I want to be aware of what's going on in their lives so I can help when they need it, and it's hard to give them the time they need when I fill it with...Facebook.

There we go. Five of my biggest goals for this next year. Have you written yours down yet?

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Team Jensen said...

Oh Laurie! I LOVE your goals! I want to copy your last two especially and use them for my own. I've been thinking the same thing about #5 in relation to my family. I need to write mine down, but I haven't quite been able to articulate what I want from my goals and/or to gain from them. I'll be thinking...and let you know...