Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good Times with Laurie's Family!

This post should be titled: more pictures than you probably want to see. However, it's my blog so I get to put up all I want!!! (Blogger went weird with the pictures and setting of the words, so I apologize now for whatever just doesn't make sense!)

My big brother came for a visit with his little girl. This was the first time I got to meet Baby B, as her family keeps her locked away in Kentucky so I don't have easy access. For rude, I know.

Some of Baby B's favorite activities include: pulling Daddy's leg hair, sucking on necklaces, and making sure Aunty Laurie stays at least five feet away at all times.

On our first visit little Miss A and I got to spend some time with Grandpa R. TOO CUTE, I say.

Daddy was not allowed to go anywhere without his baby girl. Here's what happened when he needed to use the bathroom. Like any good aunt, I grabbed the camera to get a good picture of the horror.

Fortunately it didn't take long for the big giant to rescue the princess. Wait, what fairytale is that?
We invited Uncle J to come at our house when his cute wife arrived in town (she'd been gone at a work conference). Seeing as how they were the givers of the xbox that saved my computer from rough handling, we thought he should get the chance to come battle the boys in some fun Star Wars games. Aunty M and I were giggling cause Uncle J has a habit of moving his jaw back and forth while concentrating REALLY hard.

Baby B stayed close to Mama as much as possible (still making sure Aunty Laurie didn't get too close), but it didn't stop various cousins from trying to get close and cuddly.

"Why, Mama. Why don't they just go away?!?!?!"
The next day all of the Reynolds clan got together for a big family picture. Here are a few pictures of us playing together.

Like any good uncle, both my brothers ganged up on my oldest for a tickle-fest. (Yeah. Notice I just RUSHED right over to help her!)

This little Troll doll has been around from the time my bros and I were teens. And his eyes still light up! He became a bit of a fixture during our escapades.

This is the newest addition to the Reynolds' clan. Isn't she ADORABLE!?!?!?!

Baby B finally gave up and fell asleep.

Here's Cousin S chillin' away from all the craziness.

And what's a family reunion without some torturing of the boys? Frankly, I was rooting for my brothers.

I think they won!

So there you are. Good times were had by all. Only a few meltdowns happened. And though Grandma R was probably offering thanks when we all finally left, she was sad to let everyone go. I'm missing them all, already.

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Josie and Wayne said...

Aw, it's so hard to live far away from siblings. Especially when you are all grown up and finally get along well;) Your niece is too cute!
p.s. and so are your kids:)