Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunday Inspirations June 6, 2010

Several months ago I was asked by my friend to crochet a baby blanket, hat and booties for a very dear friend of mine who had just found out she was pregnant once again. She'd struggled with her previous pregnancies, as well as with her health, and is many years older than me. Well, I had my last baby at 30, and I thought it might be the end of me. And that was a few years ago!

My friend and I had bonded about the time I gave birth to, then lost, our little D. We've had discussions of a spiritual nature that have opened my eyes to what an extraordinary woman she is, and I have always counted myself as honored to be numbered among her loved ones.

Of course I said yes to the project and immediately set to work picking out just the right patterns. The only thing my friend requested was for the colors to be red and white. OH how I wish I'd thought to take pictures. I even thought about it as I handed the bag over for the baby shower. But perhaps it's okay that there were no pictures taken. After all, this was a special gift for a very special friend.

I received a call this morning from this friend. I did not answer the phone as I was too sick to get out of bed at the time, but was greeted later this morning with a most beautiful message. You see, she had asked me to put together this little layette as a special gift for the baby blessing today in her ward (local congregation). As she bathed and dressed her little man in the things I'd made with love, she had to stop and give me a call to express her own love.

Oh how my heart was touched. Oh how I ached to be there to see the wonderful event. Yet it was enough to know a little something I had done, with a gift my Heavenly Father had granted me, was there with them today.

A friend wrote to me today and left me with the words: As you show kindness and love, that love is amplified to you an hundredfold.

I think if our Savior were to ask us to send out a message at this time, one that could help heal many a shattered heart during these trying times, it would be to show increased love. We have all been granted gifts, given with a purpose, to help bring forth His kingdom. Let us all find a way to use them in love, and I can promise you'll find yourself feeling more loved in return.

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