Monday, December 8, 2008

Michael Phipps - Artist Extraordinaire

My hubby and I were recently talking about all the amazingly talented people we know. One of those people finally seems to be getting a start of the recognition he deserves. Though I may only reach a few people with my humble little blog, I want to help in the effort to get his name (and his beautiful work) out there.

I first met Michael when we both worked as night custodians, and was immediately charmed by his quick wit and sense of humor. If you get the chance to read his blog, The Art of Michael Phipps, you'll see what I mean.

Michael was recently commission to paint a scene from the life of Jesus Christ. It revolves around the moment Christ reveals himself to be the Savior to the woman at the well, and is titled "I That Speaketh Unto Thee Am He." This work was entirely out of his comfort zone (his words), but I'm a firm believer that sometimes we have to be stretched to see what miracles can be made.

While this is one of the biggest works he's done, he's certainly not new to the business. According to his profile Michael has painted "book covers, album artwork, playbill covers, posters and more," many of which can be seen on his official website: The Art and Illustration of Michael Phipps.

Michael recently branched into the world of screen printed T-shirts, all personally designed and made in his own home. He was even featured, with a few others, about this side business in a recent article in Deseret News on the popular website ("Etsy Does It..."), where he sells the T-shirts along with many of his other works of art (Screen Printed T-Shirts and Art by Michael Phipps).

Take a look at the links provided. I promise you won't be disappointed. Please feel free to pass the links on to others you feel might be just as inspired by his incredible talent. If nothing else, drop him a line to let him know what you think. Every artist loves to hear their work is appreciated.


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Hi Laurie- I just discovered your post here and have got to tell you how appreciative I am of your little write-up. You are a true friend! Lot's of love from my family to yours!