Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Time to Catch Up...with Pictures!

You should all know because we have dial-up the process of putting pictures up on my blog takes a veeeeeery looooooong tiiiiiiiime! So appreciate the effort - and by effort I mean all the time I spent sitting here waiting for the pictures to load while I lazily read a book.
This last week was spent celebrating birthdays. M and B both turned a year older as did my daddy. Here are pictures from all three parties.

M decided she wanted a pumpkin cheesecake instead of a regular birthday cake, and invited her brothers to join her in blowing out all those candles!

B chose a Wall-E cake (though he has yet to see the movie) and after paying twenty bucks for it he promptly gave the toys on top to his friend...still not sure how I feel about that. Now let's turn to Grandpa's birthday...

Here are pics of all the grandkids with Grandpa. Holy cow what a bunch.

I just had to include this one. Cousin S was chasing B (and B's new sleeping bag) around the house. Later they had a mega good time wrestling in the hallway. Had us all laughing.

And now, for the final pictures. Tonight was the kids' karate graduation. I was prepared to see all the kids graduate a few degrees in orange belt. So imagine my surprise when all three graduated to purple belt!!!

We're taking a few months off of karate. This tends to be our sick season and I don't want to see anyone struggle with learning everything just because they've been sick. I think we need to concentrate more on school for the next few months. Okay so mostly I just don't want to drive in the yucky snow and cold!

In any case, I think that wraps it up! Hope you enjoyed the pictures, and now I'm going to go finish my book :)


Cynthia said...

I'm impressed you would even bother with pictures. We don't have dial up, but it still takes some time.
Thanks for sharing!
P.S. Any good quick read recommendations, things like young adult age group (for instance the last novel I read was Because of Winn Dixie) I need something easy to deal with.

Josie and Wayne said...

Cute pics. Congratulations to the kids for getting purple belts. I'm very impressed.

Burwell's Bits said...

They are getting soooooo grown up. I remember when J was a baby and we would steal him from you at church. Does he still like to sing? Have a Merry Christmas.