Tuesday, December 2, 2008

I Dropped the Ball

Do you ever feel like you utterly let someone down, without realizing you were doing it in the process?

I did that tonight with my kids. Oh, they won't tell you I dropped the ball. They probably have no idea I'd done them wrong. But I did.

Tonight was their first night of karate testing on the orange belt level. I knew they'd be sparring (like boxing...kinda), but I didn't realize their teacher might go further than that with them. So during the last week, a week wherein we had time to spare and nothing planned, I didn't practice their moves, their escapes, nor their kata (a series of moves against imaginary attackers put together that they have to memorize).

Imagine my distress when I look into the room after my oldest has sparred, only to see her being tested on her kata...and she's not doing well. Imagine my further distress when I see the sensei trying to get all the kids to do the one and only escape maneuver they were to learn...and not one of them knows it!!!

Mortification and embarrassment galore.

My poor children. I knew we needed to practice. I'd even intended to practice. But life always seems to get in the way (like M's math homework going for almost 2 hours last night), and I got too lazy.

Needless to say, we will be doing some heavy duty preparing over the next week in anticipation of night 2 of testing!

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Burwell's Bits said...

Don't feel bad. Life is too short for feeling guilt for things like this. How important is this in the eternal scheme of things. The great thing is that they are in class and are getting exposed to new things.

I found you through LaDawn's blog. She left a comment on mine, I believe Andy gave our blog to Brent anyway, I saw your comments on her blog and had to see yours. So instead of packing and cleaning I checked you out. Now I should be unpacking...but I am not.