Friday, January 16, 2009

A Blog Award

I feel as though I've been so serious lately (which I totally blame on seasonal depression which hits me this time every year), I wanted to do something fun and uplifting. My friend Emily put me down as one of her "assignees" and so I'm going to sit here and have a bit of fun filling out my blog award :)

This award comes with some to-do's :

1. Say one nice thing about the man in your life.

Like Ems herself said, how can I possibly say just one thing? Is it truly possible to explain in one lifetime the love, the respect, and the gratitude I have for such a remarkable man? He's my greatest supporter, my biggest fan, my protector, my guardian angel, the father of my children, a worthy priesthood holder, the most extraordinary example anyone could hope to have. He is everything I could have ever hoped for in an eternal mate.

2. List at least 6 ways you measure success in your life.

This one's hard, especially for someone who is constantly listing every way she comes up short. I suppose one would include the Spirit that resides in our home. My children consider this a safe place to be. Though we may not be wealthy in the riches of this world, no one could deny the love that is felt the moment they walk through the door.

Second would be the friendship between my children. Though they may not realize it, this is unique. I hope it always stays that way.

Third, the service our family strives to provide, not only for those we love, but for those we don't know that well. It makes my heart sing when even the kids suggest things we can do to help those around us.

Fourth, that my children believe so wholeheartedly in their Heavenly Father, in their brother Jesus Christ, and understand the power and blessings that come from prayer and the priesthood. Even at such a young age, they are able to know the faith of their parents, even when we go through the hard times.

Fifth, close relationships with extended family members. I never really had that growing up. It was quite a shock to marry into a family where cousins and aunts and uncles for generations back were not only constantly getting together, but always worried and praying for one another. I'm so grateful my children can grow up in such an environment, on both sides of our families.

Sixth, and on an extremely personal note, that I was able to marry in the temple, knowing I'd stayed strong and pure, and could kneel across from a man who was the same. I can only hope we can impart the importance of this to our own children, so that they may know the true and everlasting happiness it can bring.

3. Assign 5 other bloggers this award.

This makes me laugh. Basically I'm tagging five other people, which I'll do, but anyone who feels as though this would be a good thing to do for their own blog I'd encourage to do so. Oh, and I'm totally going to cheat and invite way more than five.

1. This first one's a two-fer, since both sil's on my side of the fam are pregnant. So Emily and Melanie, get to it! I will also include Ellen, even though she's not pregnant. But I adore her and want her to do it!
2. All my nieces with a blog. Yep, that means Jen, Talena, and Josie (that I know of), all three of you preggers get to do it too. (Seriously, what's in the water????)
3. Old friends. Not that they're old, or anything. Just that we've known one another longer than five or so years. So let's see. I believe that includes Cynthia, Marti, Mayor Mike, Artist Mike, Ingrid, Brent AND LaDawn (hey, ya have your own blogs, so it can be done) and anyone else I accidentally skipped over. Sorry. But I am getting on in years...
4. Newer friends. This includes Errin, Natalie (even if you're no longer blogging), Jared (I had to do it, since your wife didn't), Alysha, Val, my friends from the blogger group, etc.
5. Everyone else I may have inadvertently left out. Have fun everyone!!!

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