Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Give Away Game

Here's the latest craze in blog hopping...The Give Away Game.

Be the first 4 people to comment on this post, and you will get a lil' somethin', somethin' from ME!! =) The catch is this, YOU must now blog about this, and volunteer to give things to your first commenters! It can be ANYTHING, nothin' expensive! A pay it forward game.

If you didn't catch that...recap...

1. Be one of the first 4 people to respond to this post and you get a present, if that is what you want to call it, from me!

2. Re-post this on YOUR page for five of your friends! It's like a chain letter, only without the threats -AND- not annoying because you GET a present in the end.

3. AND hopefully one of my friends will do this, and I will get to comment and get a prize back. ;)

4. Oh, and make sure you leave your e-mail address if I don't already have it. Good luck!


missy lou said...

Always awake and always reading.

Burwell's Bits said...

Are you staying warm????