Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Online Schools

I think the idea of gaining one's education online is a fantastic idea (no, people, there is no sarcasm involved). Too many adults simply don't have the freedom to get themselves to a local college, sit in classes for hours, or even move to the state their college of choice resides. Perhaps they don't have a car, their health doesn't permit, or like me they have little children at home and don't want to give up time with them while they're still little.

So yes, I think the ability to take online courses is utterly fantastic...unless you want to go into something besides business, education, or graphic design! I've combed through the Internet looking for any schools offering degrees in English or creative writing, my subjects of choice, and come up blank every time.

I also tried looking up possibilities of doing online courses through our local colleges and universities. The schools offer degrees in English, but you have to have been on campus for at least 30 hours before they'll even consider you.

Hmph. Frustrating for me, especially when I consider how many years before my youngest will be in school long enough for me to even consider attending classes.

That being said, I think online school are such a great idea. And when I've accomplished my goal of graduating from college I will definitely fight for the right of all people who don't want to go into medical billing but feel they must because it's all that is offered...unless someone else does it first.


Emily said...

I love online schools - they are bit more pricey - but well worth it because you can stay at home and still get an education! Technology is amazing. But it *is* sad that there aren't more choices!! Hopefully you will find something one day online where you can study what you love!

Errin Courtney said...

Did you know that I finished high school that way