Thursday, March 19, 2009


Do you ever feel a bit snackish? I sure do, and it's usually at the most inappropriate times. For instance, I tend to want a snack about an hour before lunch. Then there's the hour before dinner. The kids haven't figured out yet why I insist on being alone in the kitchen! That's right, even as I'm telling them they have to wait to eat until the food is ready, I'm busy sampling it all "just to make sure it's aaaallllll gooooood."

One is rarely in the mood for a snack that's healthy, at least in my house. Crackers are a favorite among the children. Peanut M&M's are preferred by my husband and I (and knowing they're low on the Diabetic Index just means you can have double, right?).

I was thinking about being snackish because it's after ten at night and my tummy's sending me a message that goes something like,

"Hey Brain, I've been empty for a few hours now and could sure use something to get rid of this gnawing sensation. Got anything on hand?"

As this message heads on up towards my brain, my sweet tooth immediately picks up on the vibes and says,

"Ooooh, yeah. Make it something chocolate. There's nothing like a bite of chocolate late at night. That'll make both me and your tummy feel real good."

Well, my poor brain can't take more than one message at a time. It tends to feel overcome with peer pressure. Of course my digestive system, which tends to work on the slow side anyway, can't get it's message up to the brain in time to say,

"Chocolate at this time of night? You've got to be CRAZY! You'll have acid reflux, not to mention the serious amount of work you'll put me through trying to digest this all night long. Sure you'll be sleeping, but it won't be a good sleep. Think about it!"

Needless to say by the time this message has reached my already overtaxed noggin,' a nice square of Hershey's Symphony has already begun melting in my mouth. This glorious sensory overload manages to quell any other messages my body might try to send after it's too late.

So my body tries to get back at me the whole rest of the night long. I know - so rude! I don't like feeling snackish, but there's not a whole lot I can do about it...except maybe head off to bed now.

(In case you were wondering, and I know you were, I didn't eat any chocolate tonight. And for a snack earlier today I had a small handful of Sugar Snap Peas. What a good girl!)


Herbie Shaw said...

People that make comments concerning late night snacks, especially chocolate, should be 'boiled with their own chocolate pudding and buried with a chocolate stake through their heart'. With apology to Mr. Charles Dickens, (A Christmas Carol).
This directed at those who go on about chocolate seemingly unconcerned that there are those who love chocolate but are, through no fault of their own, while adoring the brown and the white, allergic to it. 'Oh woe is me' (Jacob Marley)

Debbie D said...

Ever tried a sugar fast? It's sooooo hard to do, but after about 5 days the cravings subside. It's just a matter of getting it out of your body. WAY easier said than done, especailly cause sugar is in EVERYTHING! Bugger! Congrats on NOT eating chocolate and only eating a vitamin packed snack. Way to go!

LaurieW said...

Ha - all right Herbie. How about, instead of chocolate, we say there's a giant slab of toffee? Or maybe a few handfuls of cashews? :)

Debbie, I've thought of doing the sugar fast, but wow are you right about it being in everything! I've actually got another idea or two in mind before I feel that desperate. Hopefully if I can rely on changing other things in my diet the sugar cravings will naturally subside.

Cynthia said...

You've had some great posts lately. I can relate to the snackish feelings, and at odd times, like before a meal. I get snackish after dinner too. I thinks it's because I've slaved away making dinner, been so hungry that I've gobbled it up without enjoying it, rushing to get done so I can get the kitchen cleaned up...then I'm hungry! I wonder why? I just finished dinner...I enjoy a snack after the kids go to bed. Funny though, because I don't allow bedtime snacks for the kids...he, he, I like to have a snack in secret. And, chocolate is so very good. I happen to love chocolate chip cookies...
Read into Meredith's diet blog, she has idea's about cutting out sugar.

Greg and Talena said...

You describe me perfectly. It is an hour before lunch and I am feeling snackish! I guess I could just eat lunch right now, but that is so boring. *sigh*