Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Beautiful Video to Get You Into the Christmas Spirit

Before I get to the video, I want to publicly apologize to Carol for not putting up a Sunday Inspiration this week ♥♥♥ She always misses it when I get too busy or sick, and I appreciate so much knowing someone out there loves what I have to write.

Over the course of this last year a very talented young filmmaker by the name of Matt Black has been doing a project with the handicapped members of his work in making different spoofs of favorite movies. For his last project this year, he was inspired to do a take on the Nativity Story. Please trust me when I tell you this is beyond worth watching.

While you may chuckle when it first starts out, it would not be a stretch to say you could find yourself fighting back tears near the end. Another co-worker and friend of mine, LizAdams, wrote the script. I hope as we draw nearer to Christmas day, you'll watch and rewatch this beautiful video. Watch it yourself, share it with family and friends. I believe it will touch the hearts of every person who experiences it.

Oh Holy Night - the Nativity

Merry Christmas everyone!

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