Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Without a doubt one of my most favorite toy involves anything with wires, buttons, and batteries. Actually, I don't even need batteries. I just love gadgets!

Like today, hubby and I decided after taping up the exposed wires on the computer speakers a few times over and STILL not being able to get the right one to work, it was time to get new speakers. Walmart had some for only twelve dollars, so we "splurged," lol.

These twelve dollar speakers are AWESOME! (This should go a long way to telling you a- how often we don't get ourselves anything new and b- how excited I get over the littlest of things). First of all, they plug in an outlet so there will be NO MORE BUYING OF BATTERIES!!! How fantastic is that! And then, are you ready for the greatness of what I'm about to tell you? The earphones jack work, which means no more listening to whatever the kids are listening to while trying to watch television. That is so awesome it HAD to be in italics.

So instead of shredding zucchini, or putting away the yarn I bought so hubby can't see I spent more than I'd kinda sorta said I'd spend, or making the scarf my mother requested, I'm listening to Taylor Swift on the headphones and playing on Facebook. Oh yeah, baby.

Silly, you might say? Perhaps, but it's still good times for me. I'm a little obsessive about gadgets. Get a new digital watch? Hand it over so I can set it. Got a new television? Get me the instructions and get out of my way! Is that a new power drill? Whaddya want me to build?

Most of the time others are happy to do so, except when it comes to two certain people: my daddy and my son, B. For his birthday this month I got my dad a marshmallow shooter. He wouldn't even let me help get it out of the tangle of wires meant to put off would be thieves. Hmph. For rude, right?

Okay not really, but it took all sorts of control not to rip that thing out of his hands, lol. B is much the same way. He'd rather try to do it himself, and seems to think I'm a little abrupt when I promptly take his new toys and figure out how to do them for him! Some people's children, right?! B takes far too much after me for my own good, lol.

Can't wait for Christmas to come, though. Who knows what sort of gadgets Santa will bring my family this year (giggle).


Reynolds Family said...

The gadgets trait runs deep in your family. I will gladly hand over anything electronic or complex to Tim. I hate reading the complex instructions and putting things together-it's all Tim. I like playing with and admiring the end result. I hope you guys have a great Christmas!

Team Jensen said...

You make me smile! Though, I'll admit I'm the same way...Aack! I've had to learn to relinquish that role sometimes so Steven feels important, too.