Thursday, December 3, 2009

Taking a Moment to Brag

It's the end of the first trimester at school. There was no doubt in my mind our youngest of the school-age bunch had done beautifully. Sure enough, straight A's down the line and the best behavior around! He's such a studly little thing.

A few surprises hit us with J. Okay, so his C- in handwriting wasn't a shocker. Reading his scribbles requires a rosetta stone...on a good day. It was, however, a shock to be told of the results of last year's CRT scores on math. He tested TWO LEVELS above his grade! Can you imagine how puffed up my feathers were with that news?!?!?! I knew he was smart in math, though. As I've been helping him with homework lately I've watched as he does most of the calculations in his head. Oh, and by "help him with homework" I basically mean keep his attention focused on the work and not what Dominique (or whoever) did during recess that was SO FUNNY! Concentrate young man! He's also doing great in reading and has almost hit the level they hope the kids will reach at the end of the year.

What a little braniac encompassed in a tiny ball of overwhelming energy.

Last, but certainly not least, is our big girl M. No suprise to see an A in English/writing and science. What DID surprise us was the change in her grade in math. My eldest has not had the funnest times with would not be a stretch to call them mortal enemies. It's one of those situations where if you don't stay on top of things you get a little behind. And then a little more behind. And then a lot more. We didn't realize how bad things were with her and math until about two years ago, and we've been playing catch up ever since. Getting her above a failing grade seemed like an impossible goal at times...UNTIL NOW! My daughter pulled off a C- in math, and could have gotten an even better grade if she'd gotten all her assignments in on time. OH what a good feeling :) I think she's in as much shock as we are. Needless to say, she got to watch an extra episode of Ghost Whisperer as a reward.

Oh what a proud parent am I :D


Debbie D said...

Aw, I love moments like that! I hear ya with the getting a little behind. It's like a snowball effect that comes back to bite you in the bum. I'm glad M is getting back on top, that's WONDERFUL :) And it's okay to be a proud mama hen. Puff those feathers girl!

Team Jensen said...

Isn't that just the best reward as a mother! Congrats on all their hard work paying off! You're an amazing MOM and it shows!!!

Greg and Talena said...
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Greg and Talena said...

YAY Cousins, it was fun seeing you for Thanksgiving!!