Tuesday, February 9, 2010

M's First Sewing Project: The Blanket Envelope

Years ago (and when I say "years" I mean at LEAST a decade) my oldest baby was given a beautiful yellow blanket sewn by her GrandmaW. We all found the color ironic as it was GrW's least favorite. Over time this blanket has seen the best and worst of my daughter, and has been loved to the point of being able to see through it in some places. M has been increasingly worried about the deterioration rate of this most beloved blanket, especially as it's one of the only things she has left to help her remember GrandmaW. As you can see in the picture below, she has reason to be.

A few years ago we took the blanket to GrandmaR to see if she could help with the edging. You can see in this next picture just how threadbare it was looking. GrR found a pretty yellow fabric much like the original, and for a while we were safe.

Lately M has been more than worried about this precious blanket. She's even taken to hiding it under her stuffed animals just so she won't touch it in a manner which might cause even more damage. That's when GrandmaR came up with a brilliant idea, and hence comes the fantastic results of today's post: the blanket envelope :)

As M has also wanted to learn how to sew (a talent that so OBVIOUSLY skipped a generation, and thence should never be taught by certain individuals), we finally managed to find a day where she and GrandmaR could get together. After picking out some pretty fabric and buttons, they went back to GrR's house for M's first sewing lesson.

The first thing GrR did was trace some lines on a paper, then M "sewed" over them with the machine. My mom basically said M's lines were straighter than the ones she drew, lol.

And here's the finished product!!! I am so in love with the fabric M chose, especially because the purple is a complimentary color to the yellow (something M had no thought of...she just really likes purple right now, ha!).

Here's a closer view with one of the buttons. While Gr.R did the button holes, M sewed the buttons on.

And here's a view of some of the fantastic lines! Didn't she do a beautiful job?

And last, but certainly not least, here is M's precious blanket from her GrandmaW encased in an envelope she made with GrandmaR. A treasure indeed!


Herbie Shaw said...

Well done M. A very professional job indeed.

Herbie Shaw said...

Well done M. A very professional job indeed.

Jen said...

How sweet! I'm so glad she has that blanket to remember Grandma by. I'm glad I have all of my memories. :)

Greg and Talena said...

I love it maybe that is what I should do with my M's blanket it looks worse than your M's blanket lol Thanks for sharing that memory of Grm W

Cynthia said...

That is so awesome! I love it. She did a great job!

Momma Ellen said...

Very nice. BTW, that pretty purple fabric she chose is the same fabric (I think--did you get it at JoAnn's?) that I used for the back and border of Wayne's and Josie's temple quilt when they got married. What a great way to preserve a precious memory and keepsake. Good job, M!