Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Inspirations February 28, 2010

There is a scene in the movie Finding Faith in Christ that continually makes me pause. It is one of many depictions created of the life of Christ found in the New Testament.

Picture a man - aged, trembling, and covered in horrific sores. Those around this man, even a few of the apostles, scamper away in an effort to keep a good distance from the infection. They are frightened by the disease, and certainly we can understand why. Perhaps even this man understands, though it may pain him more than we know.

The Savior stops, turns, and sees the man crumple to his knees a fair distance back. Unlike everyone else in the area, He steps forward. A flicker of hope enters the man's eyes. How long, I wonder ever time I see this scene, has it been since someone approached him rather then run away?

All he wants is to be healed. Perhaps there is a family he yearns to see, yet has stayed away from for fear of infecting them. The desire for this healing is evident, even from a distance. Still he does not approach the Savior, but waits for Christ to come to him.

The Lord reaches out to place his hands on this precious child of God. For a moment the man is hidden from our view, but when we see him again the sores are gone. In wonder he feels his face, his hands, and tears fill his eyes. Oh what joy, what rapture fills his countenance! He is so overcome it is almost impossible to utter a sincere "thank you."

Throughout this movie we are given glimpses into the life, service, and ministry of our Savior. Many times we hear Him speak the words, "Be of good cheer," in quiet, loving tones. Time after time we see him offering words of comfort and love, of teaching and forgiveness. Most touching to me are the moments we witness those large, gentle hands in the act of healing...not just physical ailments, but those of the heart and soul as well. For those who would believe, this was a gift no mortal man could offer.

Near the end of the movie we see Thomas, the apostle, unable to comprehend the words of his friends. His Lord, his Master, resurrected? Impossible! It must be a trick. He struggles to believe...until before his own eyes the Savior appears: whole, beautiful, alive. Christ invites Thomas to feels the scars in His hands. More than this, Christ invites Thomas to feel the resurrected body of the Son of God. He is no illusion, no trick of the mind. There is substance to Him.

He is real.

Thomas then knew the Savior had returned triumphant, and Christ blesses him for believing in what he saw and felt. Ever the teacher, He invites us all to look a step further, perhaps knowing these words would one day ring out to those of us who would never have the chance to see Him with imperfect eyes nor touch Him with our mortal hands.

In John 20:29 we read: "Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed: blessed are they who have not seen, and yet have believed."

I have not seen the Savior with my eyes. I have not touched Him with my hands, nor have I heard Him teach with my ears. This has not stopped me from believing, from exercising my faith, and from testifying of what the Spirit has witnessed to be true:



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