Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Inspirations February 14, 2010

Hello all! And might I add a hearty Happy Valentine's Day!

One of the most beautiful, loving, and complete acts of unselfish love was provided to us by our Savior. Many of you may have heard a story passed round through e-mails about a seminary teacher who wanted to bring home a better meaning of the Atonement. It had to do with donuts and push-ups. Sound familiar to anyone?

As I was singing with the nursery kids during Primary today, one of the counselors did a similar sharing time with the kids. I'll be changing the names of the boy in question, but I really wanted to share with you today's activity and how beautiful it was.

In Lisa's own words:

"I started out by asking the kids if they were familiar with the 3rd Article of Faith. They recited it to me and I wrote it on the board, emphasizing the word ATONEMENT. I then asked them if they knew what that meant. Only a few responded with some basic answers but not getting to the heart of what I wanted them to understand. So I then asked if I could have a volunteer.

Requirements: must have been baptized, be very strong, well liked, etc. I ended up choosing Jonathan. I asked the kids and him if they would all like a cookie. They're really yummy and I baked them just for each one of them. Of course, all were ready and willing to get one and eat it. I said that the only way they could have one was if Jonathan would be willing to do 10 jumping jacks for each person to be able to have a cookie. He said sure, and started.

We continued around the room. About 1/2 way through you could tell he was tiring, but didn't want to show it. I asked how he was doing at different points. At half way when I asked, Michael and Brian [two of his classmates] asked if they could do it instead. I said, no. He is doing this for each of you. He is the only one who can make it possible for you to have a cookie.

Jonathan continued and about 3/4 done he said he was getting a little tired - he looked more tired than he was letting on, I think. At this point the kids also started saying THANK YOU to him for the cookie realizing all that he was doing to be able to allow them a cookie. I had him do the jumping jacks for each person in the room, including teachers, the pianist, and [the visiting bishopric member].

When he was done he was definitely tired and ready to sit down. Once he was done, I asked everything if what Jonathan did was similar to something Christ did for us. THE ATONEMENT! We discussed how Christ chose to sacrifice for us when he went to Gethsemane to pray for each of us and when he bled from every pore on his body...all those little dots we have on our body. When we sweat, that's where it comes from. Imagine your sweat being blood. This is what Christ did for us. He was bleeding, feeling the pain of all our sins so we could repent and live with Heavenly Father again. Christ was the ONLY person who could do this for us. He provided the wonderfully sweet and delicious way to return to our Father again.

We discussed the story of Alma the Younger and how he was able to use the atonement in his life and how it must have felt for him to be free of all the sins once he repented. He was able to do this because Christ atoned for us. We need to remember all that Christ does for us and remember the paths that are available to us to repent and return to Him again.


My thanks to Lisa for providing me with this today. She is, without a doubt, a remarkable woman! Thank you for the message, for the love, and for your friendship.

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Amy said...

Lisa is a remarkable woman! I also know how yummy those cookies must have tasted making it worth the jumping jacks and setting a great example for the lesson. Thanks for sharing!