Friday, June 11, 2010

Saying I'm Sorry

It looks like I opened my cyber mouth and put my cyber foot in it. I'm not one to sweep my mistakes under the rug and try to pretend they never happened, and I won't do that here by deleting my last post. I would like to clarify a few things, though.

This friend of mine has been a friend for several years. We met through the site of an author we both love. Over time we've developed a strong relationship and have shared much. This is something I did not explain in the previous post.

I also did not put out there that she respects honesty, and will give it as well as she expects it back. If I'm being a dork, she'll let me know. If she's being an idiot, she wants to hear it. This is why I wasn't worried about posting about the recent weirdness in our friendship. For those who were concerned, she did read my post. My friend didn't realize how her actions were affecting me, we've sorted things out, and we're good again.

I am sorry to those I may have hurt. I don't know if the things I wrote were personally offensive, or if there was some form of misunderstanding, but I am terribly sorry. I have never intended, nor do I ever intend, to use this forum as a way to backbite or slither around issues. I take my writing very seriously. If I sounded rude or mean, I apologize, and can only hope you will forgive me.

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