Saturday, September 6, 2008

Don't Even GET Me Started (A Shamelessly Opinionated Rant)

It happened again last night. Hubs and I turned on the television to rewatch some repeats when BOOM - something else was on. Something that irritates the hud out of me. Something that gets my dander up and clears the room the moment I start venting.

Actors were asking me for money.

Me. Who had to tell my kids no treats at the store this week because we're trying to cinch up the money belt until the next paycheck.

Me. Who watches as my husband works his tail off at two jobs, while trying to attend all church meetings besides, just so we can get by.

Me. Who endures the hated dial-up connection and no caller-id, no cable or cell phones, because we don't feel comfortable shelling out the money that could go for more important keeping our kids from running around naked.

Stars are asking ME to donate.

Is the cause worthy? Indubitably. Might I contribute in some other format? Maybe. Do I hope they raise millions of dollars even while I sit here griping? Yes, yes, and triple yes! Does it drive me nuts when people who make $100,000 per episode, or a few million per movie, who live in their five-million dollar mansions, ask for money they could simply donate themselves?

Uh - yeah!

I'm not talking about all actors. I understand most make several thousand per episode, and by the time they've paid agents, lawyers, and whoever, they don't bring a whole lot home.

In a recent T.V. Guide, the salaries of some of our most "popular" actors were given. I have to be honest, it felt like a slap in the face. My husband brings home less than 50k a year, and we manage to house, clothe and feed a family of six, and even put a little away in savings for those summer months when the second job doesn't exist.

I don't begrudge those who make a lot of money. I really don't. There are so many who contribute hugely to those in need, in essence, "using their powers for good." Do I think a six million dollar house is necessary for one or two people? No. I think that money could be used in so many better ways.

I feel our value system on who is paid what happens to be fantastically skewed. I think it's great that men and women who are great at sports can make money at it, but why are they paid so much more than the coaches who got them there? I love that actors are able to read and portray some moving or comical stories. I just hate that the drama and English teachers who helped them learn to read and act rarely make a decent amount of money.

Have you all left the blog by now?

I think money is a good thing. I know we'd be homeless, naked, and much skinnier without it. It would just be nice of those who get on television to ask us for all our spare change could be a little less hypocritical, stop demanding huge paychecks that take away from everyone else, and live within modest means.

(Big breath, Laurie.)

Then I might take them seriously.

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Cynthia said...

It bugs me too that actors and athletes make so much money-it seriously just does not make any sense at all, never has and never will, and it will never change. It's so sad. It's pathetic too. I hate it a lot. But I don't hate you.
(thought I would end with a rhythm)