Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Inspirations September 7, 2008

Like last Sunday, today was not the Sunday I expected. Unlike last Sunday, I had a fun time at church. That's right. I said fun.

Because of her calling (position) in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (nicknamed the Mormon Church), my friend Errin rarely gets a chance to attend her regular Sunday meetings. Often she's out visiting other wards in our stake. This is definitely the case for the next month, so she came to all the meetings at our own ward today.

Though I had to leave church early (M has a migraine), we had a lovely time chatting, giggling, and being the naughty kids at the back of the class. Obviously I shouldn't be allowed to sit at the back of the class any more.

Even with all the disruption (thank you Errin), I did manage to have several things impressed upon me. The first was, I should really pay attention in class. Okay just kidding. It was more about the blessing being at church can be. I find I miss it terribly if I've been unable to attend for a week or two. There is something uplifting about being in a place where the Holy Spirit resides, but more importantly I appreciate people who have the Spirit so fully within themselves.

The really big inspiration to me came in the form of a friend. Within our Relief Society (women's organization) there is a lovely young woman by the name of Bobbi. She's mentally handicapped, and the sweetest woman I've ever met. She has the most extraordinary testimony and is never afraid to give it. Even if we don't always understand her words, the intent behind them is so powerful there's no denying she's a personal friend of Christ.

Bobbi's job every Sunday is to put the hymn books back after the Relief Society meeting. She takes this job very seriously, and can become irritated when others try to do it for her. For some reason, however, she's allowed me the chance to be her special helper. While she positions the books in their proper place on the appropriate shelf, I get to go around and collect them. Every time I do this she gives me the biggest hug and says so sweetly, "Thank you for being my helper."

When our meetings switched to Sunday School she was the first to eagerly put up her hand in response to, "Who would like to say the opening prayer?" This little fireball couldn't wait for the chance to talk with her Heavenly Father. To this the teacher said, "We should all have that same enthusiasm."

Though I didn't get to stay today to listen to the testimonies of my ward members, I don't feel as though I lost out. Normally I might have. Because of Bobbi, I witnessed the most sincere testimony of my life.

Today Bobbi is my inspiration. She bears her testimony with love. She eagerly awaits the chance to say a prayer. She does her job with gusto, and says thank you to her helpers. What if we all spent just one day this week being like Bobbi?

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