Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Karate Kids!!

Tonight was the next big graduation, where the fate of three children was held in the balance. Would they be asked to remain in the realm of yellow belts, a happy color to be sure, but not where they wanted to be? Or after months of hard work, dedication, and repeated turning of Mom into "crazy-karate-lady", would these three, young, starry-eyed kidlets be allowed to continue on to the new and (apparently hectic) world of orange belts.

To be honest I wasn't sure. During the test I found myself wandering the halls with the baby trying to keep her out of everyone's hair. Every time I passed by the glass doors, I caught sight of one of the kids doing something wrong. I haven't cringed that often in one night in a loooong time. Obviously they did an awful lot more right :) (Can you see the lesson in that? I just figured out my next post on LDSBlogs.com!)

I'll let the pictures say it all.


Cynthia said...

That's so cool that the three of them take! Cuties for sure. Alex wants to take, but instead we found tumbling cheaper; he just started this week.

Emily said...

Very cool! It looks like they lots of fun! :)