Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's the Little Things That Get You

They're certainly getting to me. In the last few weeks I've begun to pull out of the depression, and I've been blessed with many spiritual upliftings, but little things around the house are falling apart which gets to be pretty frustrating.

First there was the bathroom sink. I could tell it was clogged with an actual something down in the P-trap (I love that I know it's called a P-trap), so I pulled the pipe off, became incredibly grossed out at the horror held within, and put the pipe back on.

The only problem was when I turned on the water to see how well it would now flow, a good majority of the water ended up in the bucket under the sink. The pipe had corroded. I didn't realize how bad until I'd picked up a new part and took the rest of the P-trap out of the pipe leading into the wall. Giant chunks of pipe fell out.

Not a good thing.

It took some doing, and my husband's smart thinking, but we eventually got things running smoothly and I could stand tall and say I'd just finished my first ever plumbing job. That and it only cost us about $4 to fix (better than the last plumbing job that cost us over $400 earlier this year).

We weren't done, however. The next thing to give us a bit of trouble was two outlets located on the kitchen wall (this wall adjoins the bathroom). The outlet in the bathroom seemed fine. No problems. Unfortunately I used the other two in the kitchen to plug in several appliances.

My intelligent husband thought we might just need to replace the outlets as we'd recently painted. He took one while I took the other. With bated breath I waited until he flipped the switch in the power box...to no avail. Now, I wasn't feeling so good last night, so the thought of not having power for little things like the toaster and the microwave didn't go over well.

It's a good thing my darling spouse doesn't give up so easily. As strange as it seemed to me, he went into the bathroom to play with the outlet in there. In mere minutes the case was solved and I can now nuke things to my heart's content, and all for about a dollar.

The kicker was when my hubbs called this morning to let me know the furnace wasn't working. I thought my frozen toes were simply due to fever chills. Okay they were. Still, I knew this wasn't something we could easily fix ourselves.

So even as I sit here complaining about life's little problems I should be off the line so the guy can call and tell me he'll be here somewhere between ten and next week. I know this isn't going to go be fixed for under a hundred dollars.

Lately it feels like my husband's checks are being spent before he's even done earning them. Never fear. My indomitable optimistic outlook on life will soon blossom, and I'll be telling you how all of these things have actually been a blessing, especially since we're getting them taken care of before something worse happens.

I'd still appreciate a prayer or two. Or twenty three thousand.

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Josie said...

I totally hear you on everything happening at once. This month, we found out we are having another baby, our car broke down for the last time ( we need to get a new one in the next week) and the kids have been terribly sick. I've been exhausted with morning sickness and breastfeeding, and life is just stressful. This all just happened just after we were excited because Wayne got a raise and we were going to start adding to our savings, instead of taking from. Nevermind on that. I don't think we'll ever get ahead! But I'm not complaining either:)