Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Creative Side

I've been feeling too uninspired for too long, and began to think that if I had an outlet for my creative pursuits it might give me that extra push. Melanie's invitation to join in a book review blog got some of my creative juices flowing again (you try taking a three-hundred page book and condensing it down to a few paragraphs in such a way as to inspire others to read it and see how creative you feel afterward).

Take a look at the section titled "My Other Blogs" and you'll see one titled "Mel's Book List." You might find something you'd like to read...or be warned against a few. If you'd like to suggest a book to read please feel free to let any of us know.

I also invite you to take a look at my newest project, the blog titled "Laurie's Creative Side." Every few days or weeks I want to start posting something about the things my Heavenly Father inspires me to create. He gave me the desire to bring beautiful things into this world, and a bit of talent to make all the effort worth it. I hope you'll take a gander at what I'm up to, give me some good insights, and feel free to share the things I've created with others.

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