Thursday, June 25, 2009

Books Recommendation: Summer Bridge Series

Yeah, sure, no kid wants to do homework while being off for the summer, but neither does any parent want their child to completely forget everything before heading into a higher - and harder - grade.

Last year my hubbs and I found a series of books that are PERFECT for helping your kids have fun keeping up, and maybe even getting a little ahead. They're called the Summer Bridge Activities, and they're fantastic!

Beginning as early as Pre-K (and going up through 8th), these books help kids learn/keep up on basic skills they began in their previous grade, and helps them to transition into a few things they'll need heading into the new grade. They're split up into 3 sections: Days 1-15 is section 1, then 1-20 for section 2, and one last section with 15 days. Each of these sections will take your children through math, reading, writing, language arts, and science.

The Summer Bridge Activities site (the link provided above) has some fun online activities for the kids to play and read, but trust me when I tell you the books are far more worth having, for the simple reason that YOU get to work with your child. YOU will be able to see where your child's strengths and weaknesses are. YOU will be able to give praise as well as help where necessary.
I highly recommend these series of books. You should have no problem in finding them in local bookstores, on, or from the original site itself. Trust me when I tell you, they're worth the money you put into them.

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