Wednesday, June 3, 2009

"My Brief Life as a Woman

My friend LaDawn sent this article over to me, and I thought it was beyond brilliantlly written. The man involved had to have his testosterone hormones suppressed due to prostate cancer, and because of this he begins to experience many of the same symptoms as a woman who is experiencing menopause.

Trust me when I say as a woman, I both laughed and allowed the inner voice in my head to say, "Oh yeah!" I also believe that any man who reads this will definitely laugh as well as take a moment to think about and respect any woman who's having a "hormonal" moment.

My Brief Life as a Woman


Momma Ellen said...

Laurie, as always, thanks for sharing something fun. Where do you find these things?

Team Jensen said...

Okay, so I'm so unoriginal, but after reading this article I just had to put it on my blog, too. Only problem, I LOVED your wording so, yeah...copied. Hope you don't mind plajorism (?sp), but then, I did acknowledge that it was you saying it all!


LaurieW said...

Ellen - I have friends who are so wickedly Internet savvy and know precisely what's up my alley :)

Lisa - I ADORE the fact you love all this stuff, and highly encourage you to steal anything you want to from here! Not that I promote stealing or anything.