Friday, June 5, 2009

Paying it Forward

Massive amounts of construction are going on around our house/neighborhood these days. It's not a stretch to say tempers are short and random acts of kindness rare. Few things in this world can get up my dander faster than an incourteous driver.

The other day I'd had to stop in at a local grocery store to pick something up quick. The easiest way out was still surrounded by orange and white striped cones and a long line of drivers. I figured it would take at least fifteen minutes or so before a big enough gap would appear to let me speed into the everlasting line.

Barely a minute had passed when a space opened up. I was prepared to be utterly ignored when the driver in the car to my left graciously let me in. My heart did a little happy flip. I waved and smiled my thanks, and couldn't stop smiling. The next driveway down there was another car patiently awaiting a turn to get in, so I waved him in. To my surprise and delight it didn't stop there. He let yet another driver in several yards down the line, and even that car allowed the passage of another person in need.

Who knows if the little things we do in this life on behalf of others really goes noticed. Most of the time it doesn't matter. But in moments like these, when we can see the good bits of humanity not only go noticed, but are passed along as well, I find myself renewed...and a lot more willing to be the one to start paying it forward.


LaDawn said...

Ah, those are fabulous little moments of light in your day! I hope they continue. BTW, LOVE your background.

LaurieW said...

You would go NUTS if you were here right now! So crazy - our neighborhood is completely blocked in, grrr.

I totally love this background too!

Debbie D said...

3500 S reconstruction? ARggh! Or Constitution Blvd.? Crazy right now. I too have been extended the "hand of waving me in" It too really brightened my day. there is still a lot of good in this world. Thanks for your uplifting post :)