Friday, July 31, 2009

Order Has Been Restored

My goodness you all are getting a lot of Laurie this week! Maybe I'm making up for being such a bad blogger the last month. Maybe it has more to do with there being so much to report in just one week. Who can say?

I wrote last Sunday about our struggles with the refrigerator. What I never got into was the problems we had since Sunday. As it turns out the new used fridge we bought didn't want to work either. It took a while for me to admit it, so we didn't get someone in to take a look until Tuesday. "I'm afraid I have bad news," is what the guy said as he came sauntering out into the living room.

Turns out there wasn't any cold in the fridge! And a fridge without any cold expensive yet well lighted pantry. Unfortunately for me all the machines needed to work on the problem were in the shop, which is where the refrigerator needed to go in order to be fixed. I might have started bawling right then and there until he said the words, "I'll bring in a loaner fridge until we can get that one fixed, but we probably won't be able to bring it until Thursday."

I DIDN'T CARE! The mere thought of a working refrigerator in my house practically made me giddy. Thursday came quickly enough and after removing fridge doors and back doors, and putting the back door back on, within my kitchen sat a tiny little refrigerator that actually worked. IT WORKED! I immediately put together lunch for the kids and headed out the door to do some honest to goodness grocery shopping.

Oh the glee of looking for things I could keep cold, that I wouldn't have to smell every time I opened it up in the hopes it hadn't gone bad yet. It was glorious! When I got back home my darling husband had even cleared out our old fridge and was getting ready to remove it from the kitchen.

Within an hour we had groceries put away, the old fridge on the back porch, the back door once again taken off and replaced, and our kitchen table and chairs restored to the kitchen. I feel as though I can breathe in my own house again.

I'm such a happy camper now ☺

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Team Jensen said...

Hey! Congratulations! How long will you have this loaner? Regardless, you have somehting that actually works and that is fantastic! Glad to hear a happy ending to a crazy week!