Thursday, July 9, 2009

Try A Little Something New?

A sweet friend of mine recently did something new with her hair - and it looks AMAZING! She had it cut and put highlights in it and everything! It's a amazing how a new "do" can help one feel like a new person.

I've never dared to be drastic with my hair. It's pretty safe to say I have the same basic hairstyle I was sporting back in high school. You know - all of two or three (or fifteen) years ago. The most drastic thing I've ever done was to get a perm (*GASP* I KNOW) just before my sophomore year. The funny thing is that perm never really left. For years now I've lovingly referred to my hair as having a "chemically induced natural curl". I love it, though. Rarely do I have to fix my hair in the morning, as it tends to already look wildly messy even on a good day.

The one thing I've always wanted to do, yet have never dared, was try a new color. As a child I used to imagine what it would be like to have raven-black locks (much like Anne Shirley wished in Anne of Green Gables), and would even take yards of yarn and drape it over my head just to see what I might look like with blonde, brown, black or even rainbow hair!

I hated my red hair when I was younger - kids can find absolutely EVERYTHING to make fun of others about, and my hair was a hot target (I know my older brother feels my pain). As I grew older compliments began to replace taunts, so I felt my hair color might not be the worst thing in the world for a person to have to endure!

Yet there has always been this little voice in the very back of my head that wonders what it would be like. I've never dared to dye it - thanks to the aforementioned Anne Shirley as a matter of fact. There's this child-like fear my hair really will turn green! It doesn't MATTER how far hair dyes have come in the last 100 years. I'm still SCARED.

For the most part I really enjoy my hair color. Oh sure there are days I bemoan trying to find colors to wear that match my hair and skin tone, but it's worth it in the end...mostly. Still, I find myself veeeeery envious of my friend's new do. If only I knew I could pull something like that off, and that everyone around me would forgive me, I might actually give it a try.


Errin Courtney said...

OK before you do this I would like to add my two cents. I get my hair done. I have for 13 years now. I am in and out of the hair dresser every six weeks making sure the dye job always looks natrual. I would go broke but my sister in law is my hair dresser.

Also DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW LONG IT TAKES ME TO DO MY HAIR IN THE MORNING? I don't have kids to take care of and I still can't stand doing it in the morning. If I had kids I would just shave my head and call it good. OK I wouldn't go that far but still I think I made my point.

Lastly My dad would not be able to call you mrs weasley anymore. But in the words of my mother "It's hair. It will grow back if you don't like what you do to it"

Josie and Wayne said...

Are you kidding me? You don't need anyone's forgiveness for ruining your own hair ;) Actually, I totally think you should go for it. Whenever I'm pregnant (which seems like more often than not lately) I have to change my hair because I feel like I don't have much control over anything else about my body. I think you should go for a change. You might love it, and if you hate it, you can dye it back or let it grow out. However, I should mention that I did get my hair highlighted once. I really liked it and it looked great. The only disapointment was that absolutely NO ONE noticed. I felt like I had totally wasted $45

Team Jensen said...

Okay, I LOVE getting my hair done..though I'm sure you can tell. Hair grows back. Color can be changed. I've had my hair turn grey from the colorings before, and all I do is go back and have it fixed. Whatever you do, it won't be permanent! My problem is that I prefer my colored hair in all its many changing styles to my natural state. I absolutely positively HATE my natural color. So, I've resigned to learn how to cut Steven's hair so I can spend that extra on ME since it costs so stinkin' much to get it done every 2-3 months!

My vote...Cut it in a cute bob and see what you think first. If you haven't done anything to your hair before, you might go crazy with too drastic all at once.

LaurieW said...

I am officially intrigued...and laughing! Oh Josie, to not have ANYONE notice? And Errin - I really DO worry if I get it "done" in some way I'll actually HAVE to start fixing it ever morning, lol.

Ah Lisa. Your hair always looks fantabulous!

I actually do go a little crazy ever two to three years, because I grow my hair out to donate. So when I cut it - my hairs gets CHOPPED! Perhaps that's the biggest reason I don't want to dye my hair - Locks of Love doesn't accept dyed hair (at least last time I looked). Maybe I'll just go straighten it and use that as my change for a while :)

Debbie D said...

Highlight are probably the not too scary way to go. (Baby steps.) It always makes me feel good. But then again I've been messing with my hair since high school and I have no idea WHAT my natural color is (But I do know I'm starting with the gray hairs, so I guess I keep messing with it to not see them all!)

Greg and Talena said...

I say go for a change I just looked on the locks for love website
They do accept hair that has been colored jut not bleached hair which is sometimes highlighted hair. I am wanting a change right now too, maybe I will go for some color :) I have always loved your long beautiful red hair!