Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What's Your Season?

A few years ago I wrote an "article" as an assignment for the Institute for Children's Literature. It's never been published, but I got to thinking about it this last week as I went looking for a new shirt to buy. The fact I willingly went to spend money on myself was a miracle in and of itself. Finding a style I liked was even better. Too bad for me the everpresent problem of finding colors that match both my hair color and skin tone is for the most part impossible.

During the time I wrote the article I had a dear friend come to visit a group of young women to help them learn what colors would work best on them and why. One particular girl, we'll call her Ashley, loved the color green and would wear everything from Spring Green to Forest Green. Sometimes she looked great, other times she looked pale and hollow-eyed. We discovered she could still wear green, just not all shades.

It was for this very reason I wrote the article all those years ago. So I thought I'd do a little chopping of the piece and share some basics with you today. I especially encourage you mothers out there to help your girls (and even boys) understand these ideas as it can go a long way to helping them look their best long before they start begging to wear makeup (for the girls...NOT the boys). And men - don't poo-poo this idea 'cause it seems girly. Anything that can help YOU look your best should never be ignored.

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Did you know every person has a season, and that each of those seasons contains colors to help you look your best, or worst? Believe it or not, the colors you most enjoy wearing could be making you look less than lovely.

To find “your season” it’s important to consider the tone of your skin, eyes and hair.

Is your skin creamy white or peach? Is your hair golden brown, blonde, or strawberry red? Add a dash of light blue eyes and odds are you’re a Spring. Look for warm and neutral colors with yellow tinges such as ivory, camel, peach, and coral. Eastery pastels are also extremely flattering. Accessorize with a touch of gold jewelry to top it all off.

Autumns have gold undertones in their skin. If you’re a redhead or brunette, with brown or green eyes, this is most likely your group. Think warm, medium colors: camel, beige, gold and dark brown to bring out the richness of your eyes and skin. Gold jewelry will bring out the gold in your skin. Autumns also look great in orange undertones as well. Pumpkin, rust, or mustard yellow paired with mossy or forest green can be stunning.

If your skin is pale pink you’re definitely a Summer. Typically you’ll also have fair blue eyes, and dark blonde or light brown hair. Summers should think cool pink and blue when picking colors. Lavender, plum, rose-brown and soft blue are just a few of your many options. A softer white, powder blue, or aqua can be perfectly complimented with silver jewelry.

What if you look best in dark, bold colors like black, navy or red? Is silver your best choice in jewelry? Sounds like you might be a winter.

Wintry skin can vary from pale white, to olive or dark shades. Your hair is classically black or very dark brown, and odds are your eyes are dark as well. If you’d like to wear lighter colors try some pale, icy tones.

Just as specific colors can compliment your looks, wearing those opposite your season will make you look tired or sick. They can emphasize dark circles around your eyes, or red in your face. Others can make you look too pale, or slightly green. Those who look good in cool colors – winter and summer – should stay away from the warm pastels and oranges of autumn and spring.

The good news is you don’t have to clean out your closet (not to mention your bank account) and start over. You can wear all colors as long as you place them carefully. Wear complimentary colors close to your face: shirts, jewelry, and scarves. Keep less favorable colors further away: skirts, pants, and accessories.

Of course the best way to figure out which season is your is to simply hold different colors up to your face. You might be surprised at what works to make you look your best, and what doesn't.


Team Jensen said...

Great tips! Though, I'm so not a fan of gold and pastels...too early 90s to me. I want to say I'm a summer. What are you?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this! I've always wondered what my season was and now I'm pretty sure it's spring, although I'm not the biggest fan of gold either ;o) I have noticed some shirts I own are less then flattering on me and I am hoping to pass them on to someone else and upgrade to a better color soon.

Anonymous said...

Okay. Now that I've read summer again I'm wondering if that is me? Is it possible to be spring and summer at the same time?

LaurieW said...

Stacey - it's SO GOOD to see your face :) To figure out your skin tone, do a little pinch on the skin near your elbow - it comes out clearer there for some reason. Look at the skin as you pinch it - does it seem to have a pink/blue/or even yellowish color? Then you're a summer/winter. If it has more of a creamy white/peach tone, than you're either a spring or summer.

Lisa - pastels are tricky because you can have warm or cold pastels. Cold pastels look better on summers while warm pastels look better on spring. Weird, I know. That's why I highly encourage you to try different colors to see what looks best.

I'm a Spring/Autumn. Spring makes me pop, though it sometimes clashes with my hair color, while Autumn looks better with my hair color - and doesn't make me look bad, but doesn't make me pop either.

I'm sending along this fantastic link. Scroll all the way down and you'll see loads of info on what range you could be. I'm still exploring it so I can't tell you too much, but it looks to be very informational!

LaurieW said...

Scratch that link, go to this one instead:

LaurieW said...

Here's another great link:

Anonymous said...

It looks like I'm a summer! Thanks for the tip of checking near the elbow. It helped a ton! I'm in serious need of a wardrobe refashion (all my clothes are from high school!) so knowing what colors could look great on me is fantastic! I also appreciate the links you've given. Thanks!