Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sunday Inspirations July 25, 2009

Our refrigerator has been dying the last few weeks, getting worse the last several days. Due to yucky germs in our house I didn't want my dad to come over here (no, instead I'd rather infect someone else's dad), even if it was to tell us precisely what the repair guy said: It would take more money to fix than it would to buy a used one.

When things begin to fall apart like this, I also tend to fall apart. My moods become...morose. I struggle to keep the happy going - even while on happy pills :( Add to the mix I was hostessing a Mary Kay party and things went from rough to frenzied. I definitely don't do frenzied. Still, my husband and I went to a place that sells used appliances and naturally I chose the fridge/freezer that WON'T fit through the doorway without removing several large pieces (like the doors), and WON'T fit in the space we have set aside for the fridge because I didn't think to measure the distance from a cupboard over the washer to the wall.

During all this I was doing my best not to stress out while helping the ladies I'd felt SO inspired to invite for an afternoon of bonding. I don't believe those ladies have any idea how much I needed their sweet, hilarious spirits to help me through the day. It was really because of them I wasn't crying after everyone else had gone to bed.

I'm heaving a big sigh, are you?

Neither my hubby nor I knew once you plug in the fridge it can take about 24 hours for the temperatures to set. So instead of being able to move the food from the coolers over, we've lost over $100 worth of food as well. Waking up this morning did NOT present a happy mama. Yet we still made it to church for the first time in three weeks and to my delight I found my mood improve by leaps and bounds. I had the opportunity to be in the nursery today - something I honestly normally dread.

Turns out it was precisely what I needed today. The kids were sweet, funny, and so loving. Once again I found laughter with the ladies who stayed as well as the children we were to look after. Even during our main meeting I was able to laugh with my own kids and listen to a returned missionary speak on being prepared. It was so incredibly uplifting. I couldn't help remembering not too long ago when I wrote on here about how hard it is some days to keep the kids good for three whole hours, to teach to those who may not even be listening, and to feel of the Holy Spirit. After getting out of church today I realized it's days like this we are blessed with when we've done all we can on the harder days. It helps remind me that even when things start to get so bad, we have those around us who will laugh with us, love us, and help lift us up.

I don't know where the money will come from to pay for everything we've lost the last few days, but for right now, it doesn't matter. I know the Lord is looking out for us, and will help us. He certainly helped me survive this difficult weekend.


Team Jensen said...

Laurie, I love you! You are always so inspiring and uplifting, even amist your own trials. I aspire to be like you. If you need anything (like a good treat fix to while away the sorrows) just let me know. I'll be there in a jif!

missy lou said...

When ever your family needs something you should shoot me an email... I have a way of being able to gather things. I have a fridge and a dryer. Do you need a dryer? Todd and I are blessed in a weird way and seem to always have enough to share... as a matter of fact the more we share the greater our abundance whether time, food, objects or money. So please remember us. I know we live far away and we haven't been very close. But your dear sweet hubby played a huge role in my hubby's life and the choices he made. We think of you often and enjoy the emails, blogs etc. We are always here. ramble ramble ramble