Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Inspirations August 30, 2009

I'll be honest. I was NOT in the mood to attend church today. This morning I awoke to pounding all along the right side of my neck, head, and shoulder, a little girl with a huge attitude problem, and two boys who every time I "suggested" they get off the computer gave great imitations of ornery monkeys. SIGH

With the pounding of the head I knew making it to the first two meetings wasn't realistic, but I absolutely could NOT shake the feeling I needed to make it to Sacrament Meeting today. I fought that irritating notion for quite a while, but it wasn't until I finally made the decision to do whatever it took to attend that my conscience at last quieted. After a few IB Profen, my headache was reduced to a throb rather than a pound and I figured I could make it to just one meeting.

Oh my, how glad I am for the feeling telling me where I needed to be. Our Sacrament Meeting didn't even last the entire time, but it didn't leave one feeling empty. Rather I came out of there knowing a ton of spiritual blessings had been bestowed in a very short time.

It truly began as two of our newest members were confirmed as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. As converts this confirmation ordinance is done during this precious meeting. The words spoken to this mother and son left me breathless. It had nothing to do with there being amazing things proclaimed to them, but rather had everything to do with being reminded of who we are as children of God, our importance to Him, and those things we should be doing. The son, at only nine years old, was told if he remained faithful he would be a great example to his friends, his family members, and especially his father who is not happy about the baptism of his wife and son. Yet these two chose to follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit rather than the pressures of individuals who could not comprehend the changes going on inside them.

Our meeting turned from that incredible experience to three amazing talks on eternal families. The individuals speaking are new in our ward, and have been rather inactive for a while. Yet today the son - who is only twelve or thirteen - spoke on the first eternal family, that of Adam and Eve. The daughter, who I think is sixteen, had a very emotional talk on how she feels about eternal families. A good friend of hers died not too long ago. It has brought home just how important the idea of eternal families is. Beyond that she couldn't stop thinking about what a precious thing the knowledge of life after death has been in her own life. She hated thinking about spending eternity without her family.

At last the father spoke. His voice was quiet, his face almost stoic, and yet his words pierced my heart. He and his wife have only been married a few years. She had been married twice before. Her first two children - those who spoke - had been born in the covenant (or born to parents who'd been sealed for time and eternity in the temple). The last two children - born to the two of them - have been born in the covenant. But her middle child wasn't.

Their family had the opportunity to take a tour of the most recent temple here in the Salt Lake Valley before it was dedicated. While there, many of the guides talked of the eternal nature of families, and how through the blessings of the priesthood the family unit did not have to end with death. After the tour this little girl asked to talk with her mother. The entire experience had really touched her, and she asked to be sealed to her mother and step-father, something which is going into the works right now.

As the father ended his talk, he felt impressed to deviate a little. The power of his words could be felt across the room.

"Satan knows the importance of families," he said. "This is why he's attacking it in every way possible."

What God had once formed as an example in the union of Adam and Eve for generations all throughout time has been attacked until it is almost unrecognizable. Yet it is not hopeless, not so long as we fight for what is right, and remember Who is ultimately in charge.

In less than an hour I had my post for this day. I had been spiritually fed. My head has gone back from throbbing to pounding, but the reminders I received have been worth it. I am so happy I followed that feeling.


Debbie D said...

I struggled to get to church today. I'm 1st counselor (and substitute secretary for 8 months) in Primary. I also was doing Sharing Time and Music today (our primary workers are dropping like flies). I had to deal with fighting girls and a SCREAMING boy refusing to even consider putting on "Sunday clothes". As you can imagine I was frazzled by the time I got to church. Sacrament meeting was first and even though my little boy was being um, rambunctious, I'd be "danged" if I ended up in the hallway AGAIN. I'm glad I stuck it out and Morgan FINALLY settled down enough for me to hear the first speaker. It was manna to my soul. He spoke of trials and tribulations. Of how we need to put our trust in God and remember we're going through a refiners fire. We have to have these trials and such so we can learn and grown and receive exhalation. There is not another path. I too am glad I made it to Sacrament Meeting today. I'm grateful the Lord has set aside an entire DAY for us to be fed spiritually. Rough-going and all :)

Team Jensen said...

Oh, Laurie! You amaze me! I was up and ready early for church. Even made it relatively on time. Then, walked, or tried to, into RS and there my mood changed. I can't say it was a fantastic day for me. I didn't get as much out of Sacrament as you did. I really need to know your secret. How do you manage to gleen(?sp) so much from what you're hearing with 4 kids!? I have 2 and hardly retain anything said. We're lucky to just BE there. Ah, sounds like it was an incredible meeting, one I wish I could have pulled more from. Thanks for the re-cap.

Burwell's Bits said...

Sorry you are not feeling well but thank you for the post. What a wonderful meeting. I am glad to see the ward is growing. I got to help sub for the Sunbeams which was a treat. Riley is an amazing kid for doing all that she does with her deafness. It was nice to see her doing well, other kids were having issues but not her. Hope you feel better soon.