Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Inspirations August 9, 2009

Keep the Sabbath day Holy. This shouldn't be a hard thing to do, right? Make it to church and try as hard as you can to get something out of it. Yet the Sabbath day is more than just a few hours spent being spoon-fed the gospel of Jesus Christ. There are far more hours to fill - all on our own - in an effort to keep it holy.

I'd like to talk a little about music. Music is powerful. In a few short minutes it can bring in - or get rid of - the Holy Spirit. It holds within it the strength to turn our attitudes to those things spiritual with very little effort. This is why the music selected to sing in church is carefully considered. Should we not be just as careful to consider what music is played in our cars on the way to and from church, as well as what is played in our homes throughout the day?

I have a few cd's of what I consider to be "Sabbath day" music, but my kids can sure get tired of a certain type of music fairly quickly. We like to have variety, but need to be in keeping with the proper spirit.

Fortunately I know of two radio stations who play "the sounds of Sunday" all day long. FM 100.3 and KOSY 106.5. Both are dedicated to playing songs on the Sabbath day that bring in the Holy Spirit, and help us to maintain that wonderful influence throughout the entire day.

If you haven't tried listening to these beautiful songs before, give it a try. I can promise a wonderful change in how you manage to keep this day just a little more holy.

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