Monday, August 11, 2008

Girls Hittin' on My Hubby

My husband joined the young single adults in our ward (local congregation) over this last weekend for a big conference being held at the University of Utah Institute. For those who are unfamiliar why a married man would choose to do so (I'm laughing inwardly at the thought), my husband is bishop in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (nicknamed the Mormon Church). A bishop in our Church is the equivalant of a Pastor or Reverend, only they're called for a few years at a time and are not paid.

I will also insert here that though we've been married over ten years he's never had a wedding ring. As a chef he's always been worried about losing it, and we've never really looked into getting once as there have always been more important things to put our money into, like clothes for the kids.

Friday found them having a little dinner and concert, where they all received their bright orange wrist bands required to enter all other activities.

Saturday they had the opportunity to attend several different workshops over the course of several hours. My darling hubby lost track of the others in his group, and ended up sitting on the grass to eat his lunch.

This is when two lovely young ladies came to join him. They giggled, they simpered, they asked if he was going to the dance later on that night.


My significant other said he felt really bad that he had to inform them of not only his marital status and progeny waiting patiently for him at home, but of his being a bishop as well. He is pretty young for a bishop, being in his 40's, and he's always seemed younger than his age.

Still, that man needs a wedding ring.

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Cynthia said...

Funny! It seems like it's common for men not to wear one though, have you noticed? I do have a girl friend who never wears hers and Jer and I just can't figure out why..there's been some stories with it too, so I don't understand why she just doesn't put it on. I always wonder if I didn't wear mine, if I would ever have a guy hit on me...and what that might be like. I bet a funny thing it would be.