Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Morning at the Dentist!

It's not often you hear about three children who wake themselves up early in overwhelming excitement over somewhere they get to go every six months. This is especially true when you're talking about going to the dentist.

I recall my first dental experience. Unfortunately it shaped my unconscious view of what all things tooth related should be, and sadly I was not disappointed in many instances. I was about four or five my first time. I don't remember much about the doctor, only that he was a beastly man. Okay so maybe he'd been having a really bad day, but it's still no excuse.

It was time to take my x-ray, which in and of itself was terrifying. The doctor the told me, "Now don't move. Not one muscle. If you do, the x-ray is going to hurt really really bad."

I WAS ONLY FOUR! I was terrified! No way could I stay that still. What if I had to sniff? Or sneeze? Or cough? Could I blink my eyes? Did I need to hold my breath? It was too much! I began to cry.

The doctor attempted to shush me, but that only made me cry harder. Then he got mad. I don't remember much of what went on after that, I just remember being terrified, and wanting my mother desperately.

I never did get my teeth cleaned there, and we never went back.

Compare that to my own children. Dentist day is one of the best! There's a special "Winnie the Pooh Corner" with a painted tree house, and toys, and where movies can be shown. They're called in one at a time and get to sit in the big chair. The moment they've "assumed the dental position" they put some headphones over their ears and pick any fun show or movie to watch on the screen in the ceiling. That's right. They have television sets in the ceiling above each chair. Brilliant!

The only one to have a little cavity was B, and he was so great about having it filled he got to pick two prizes. We were out of the office in an hour. That would never have happened all those years ago when I was a kid.

Of course, I still shiver a little at the thought of the needle...

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