Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 1 Pictures of Our 2009 Rockin' Vacation!

Here's the Bell Tower. Can you see my kids in the shadowy base? It sure gives you an idea of just how tall this is!

My boys at the top of the stands.

And here? TOUCH DOWN!
I don't know if you can see it, but J just threw B's teddy bear through the goal posts.

The Manti Temple. I couldn't get the picture exactly right, but I do think it's pretty.

Here's a cool shot at the back of the temple.
And here is the outside doors of Cove Fort.
Though you can't see them, the giant wooden doors are the originals.
Here is the telegraph.
I wanted to show this dress because it was so beautifully made, but it was also so little! Even shorter than me (and that's saying something!).

A short view of the kitchen.

I included this last picture because of the cradle to the right of the picture. The way it was made, when the baby was done with the cradle, it could be flipped over and used as a bench. So cool!

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Debbie D said...

Love the picture of your kids on the temple lawn. Looks like a fun time.