Sunday, May 17, 2009

Sunday Inspirations May 17, 2009

And here I thought you’d gotten enough of me this last week, lol. I was really quite excited to start writing about something I myself began doing around this same time last year, something I learned about in a class.

The women of our stake (a stake is several church congregations grouped together) were invited to attend different classes being put on by other women in the stake. It was a hectic Saturday morning, I felt bad even going because it meant leaving my husband with four very ornery children, but one class in particular refused to let go of my heart, in particular because I’d been getting inspirations to begin doing precisely what this class was all about: Scripture Journaling.

Keeping a scripture journal, unlike I at first thought it might be, is not difficult at all. It is, however, a really good idea. Have you ever read a verse in Matthew and had it hit you in a way you’ve never thought of it before? Have you listened to a hymn and found insights to a problem you may have been experiencing?

We are given inspirations and revelations all the time as we search the word of God. How many times do we write those inspirations down? Or do we instead think we’ll remember them and all too soon forget the little morsels of knowledge we’ve been granted? I certainly fell into the second category for too many years.

Last year I began to feel like it would be a good thing to begin writing things down as I read through the Book of Mormon again. Sadly, I have yet to do it, but I am happy to say I’ve begun keeping the journal. It’s really quite easy to do. In fact, many of these Sunday Inspirations have come from what I’ve learned through keeping the journal.

To give you an example of how it works, I’ll share with you what I wrote at the encouragement of the teacher. She had placed a small picture at the front of a class. In it there was a little girl, dressed in white, on a mountaintop. She held a candle in her hand and a journal in her lap. The little girl’s face was turned away as she looked at a warm, bright light behind her.

“Write anything that comes to you,” the teacher said. Sounded simple enough. As she watched us, I noticed her noticing how my pen flew over the paper. I didn’t even have time to write everything down in the few minutes we were given. As time was called she asked me to share what I’d written. I’d like to share it with you too.

“Our journals can act as a spiritual light to others who may read them. No matter how obscure we feel in our lifetimes, our words, especially when inspired through the Holy Spirit, can change a person’s life. The gift to write, the inspiration to share our knowledge and insights with others, is an extraordinary tool in furthering the Lord’s work. We all carry one small light. When you think of all the small lights coming together…wow!

“Sometimes the biggest miracles are the smallest miracles. Sometimes to make the biggest happen we have to be listening for the whisper. Sometimes it’s that one light – as gentle as the flame of a candle – that can guide us to the greatest miracle of all. We can find ourselves back with our Heavenly Father.”

All this from one little picture.

The steps to keeping a scripture journal are so simple. As you read, sing, ponder, and pray, think about what you hear, see, and feel. Write all impressions down in a journal you carry with you. Whether it’s hand written or typed, doesn’t matter.

I’ve written down answers to prayers, things I feel it’s important to study (like the gifts and talents of those in the twelve tribes of Israel), or things that strike me hard when in my church meetings. You’ll find as you begin keeping a scripture journal, your ability to pick up on those little inspirations will increase.

Why might it be important to keep track of these inspirations and revelations? Think of it as your own personal scripture. Think of it as what the Lord needs you to know, and remember.


Team Jensen said...

What a great idea! I really wish I could have gone to that activity, but alas, I had planned my little sis's baby shower for that morning (scheduled 2 months ago!) so I was booked. Anything else of worth to pass along from Saturday?

Burwell's Bits said...

Thanks for such an inspired idea, somthing I really need to do. I am glad you went and thought to share this. Have a great week.