Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Love Story" Meets "Viva La Vida"

Once again I want to share with you something from UTube, but have to post the link as I'm not yet Internet savvy enough to figure out how to post the actual video.

I first met Jon Schmidt years ago when he and his wife moved into my neighborhood. He was my Sunday School teacher for a few years and his wife was my youth leader. The two of them loved and supported an insecure, awkward teenager and gave me more than they can possibly know.

Jon has been building a remarkable piano career. I own most of his cd's. His brilliance on the piano is loved not only by me, but by my children as well. I've had many an extraordinary experience happen while listening to his musical creations.

Paired with him is Steve Nelson, another long-ago friend of mine. We were both in high school orchestra together, where I listened to him make magic with his cello. Recently he's come out with two cd's of his own, and has made quite a fantastic name for himself in the musical world as well.

Listening to the two of them play, I find myself both humbled and grateful to be able to claim I knew them when. I hope you enjoy their creation as much as I do.

LOVE STORY (Taylor Swift) meets VIVA LA VIDA (Coldplay) - piano cello - by Jon Schmidt


Team Jensen said...

Allison and I thoroughly LOVED this! Hope you're okay that I put it on our blog, too. For future posts...if you want to embed something like this, you have to select the "Edit Html" tab right next to the compose tab in your post create area. Once you've pasted the info into that area, you can then select the compose tab and finish your typing. Hope this helps!

Momma Ellen said...

I'm glad you post these links to You
Tube. Jon Schmidt is amazing. I didn't know that you knew him. Good for you! Thanks so much for sharing.

Cynthia said...

Meredith just had a link to this on her blog too. I remember seeing them perform (as I have a number of times) but once they did a U2 song together, like this one, and I loved it.