Friday, May 15, 2009

Zion's Canyon Pictures

Here we go, the last of the pictures from our trip. I put the least vibrant here at the top. I promise they get better from here. I wanted to start with this one simply because it gives us a first glimpse of the creation of a magnificent canyon.
Here's another patch of cactus amid so much greenery.
For those who read my post leading into this, I talked about my favorite sight along the way. Here it is, the Court of the Patriarchs.

This first one was named for Abraham.

This peak was named for Isaac.

This one, in particular the more ivory point, is named for Jacob.
That's right, I actually allowed myself to be photographed with the kids. Now there's proof I actually exist.

What a fantastic color, don't you think?

This little guy was so funny - he actually just sat there next to the walking path and almost literally posed for pictures!

I call this one, "Do we have to pose for another picture, Mom?"

The next several pictures are of the area around the lower Emerald Pool. The water itself wasn't looking too green, but everything else around it was so pretty. We all loved walking under the water.

(I thought these flowers looked like something out of Alice and Wonderland!)

Rest stop!

Ah, the happy couple :) And yes, that's a pencil in my hair, not my ear. I actually had three of them, lol.

It's absolutely incredible to me to think this was created by nature.

How fun are these little red flowers?!

These next two are just lovely to look at.

Oh how I wish you could see these in person. The rounded four columns were beyond breathtaking to behold.

Here are those rock climbers I wrote about earlier. Thank goodness for digital cameras, otherwise they'd just look like little specks along the canyon wall!

I just thought this one was pretty :)

There's a technical name for these dark streaks down the sides of the canyons. These next two pictures show how the face of the canyon are still changing with every drip of water.

The lighting felt off here, but I couldn't help thinking how incredible all the greenery looked here.
I thought this picture summed it all up. The variagated colors, the dramatic height, and the absolute beauty of God's own creative hand.

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