Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Kolob Canyon Pictures

I thought I'd start it off with the picture of the red/white swirled rock I was telling you about. It was pretty darn big, like bigger than my head, or else it might have ended up in my own pocket, lol. Isn't it too cool?

Here's a tiny spot of cacti. They were all so cute and completely unexpected.

Here's a closeup of a lizard. He was honestly tiny, barely three inches or so.

One of our stream crossings. My kids love "walking sticks." They sure came in handy.

Our little one was burying her "rock-a-babies" in the sandy parts of the trail.

It's a bit dark, but I loved all the giant divides in the canyon.

You can kind of see what I meant about the atmosphere, but this was one of the better pictures.
And here are all of my angels at the top of the route :)

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