Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Boyfriend Woes

Here's a snippet of a conversation going on in my car on the way to school this morning:

J: "M_____, Allison is NOT my girlfriend! I don't have ANY girlfriends!"

Mom: "That's right, 'cause you're WAY too young to have a girlfriend. All of you are."

M: "But Mom, I have a boyfriend!"

Mom (trying to be funny): "You're not allowed to have a boyfriend until you're 68."

M (looking worried): "But Mom, Daddy said I had to wait until I was 16."

Mom: "To date, M____, to date. As in lots of boys. You shouldn't get serious with anyone at least until you're out of high school. At sixteen you're welcome to start dating."

M (growing grumpier and far more frustrated with me): "That's not fair! It's not like we're dating. We just hang out!"

Mom: "That means you're friends, M_____. But you've been told long before now you will not have a boyfriend at your age."

When we got to the school there was no hug, no kiss, no goodbye. She just got out the door. I, uh, think we might have to sit down and talk about what the term "boyfriend" really means, 'cause it's obvious we're coming from two different places here.


Yeah, and she's not even a teen yet.


Team Jensen said...

Haaahaaahaaa! Same conversations I have with Allison and she's 5!!!!! Too funny!

Cynthia said...

My girl friends and I were just talking about boyfriends/girl friends the other day. One of my friends wants to make it a family thing that they can't have a boyfriend until the age of 21. The world is getting more complicated, and dating is one of those things! I don't want my kids in an exclusive relationship either. I want it to be like me and my husband, he was my first boyfriend and my first kiss, I wonder just how likely that is??
Good luck with the rest of that conversion!

Josie and Wayne said...

Some people think that life with three kids three and under must be hard, but I would love for them to stay this age forever. I'm not looking forward to the problems my kids will face as they grow. Oh well, life must go on and they must grow up. It will all work out in the end I'm sure.