Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Post of Pictures

WHEW! Baby have I had fun taking loads and loads of pictures case you couldn't tell. I wanted to share some of our recent adventures, and then figured you'd be looking at pictures from now until Christmas at the rate I was going. So we'll just start with a recent trip to one of our favorite sections of the Jordan River Parkway.

Yes, there are three different pictures of the exact same scene. I just love to see what pops in the different colors.

I was really quite surprised to see so much water. It seems the district is working to change the face of this portion. It's beautiful, as you can see. And completely unexpected.

Also quite unexpected were the sunflowers. I love sunflowers, and can't wait to see them really take off in a few years.
Daddy and daughter, enjoying some quality walking time.

Okay so I had a lot of fun taking pictures of J. It's a rare occurrence, as he's not the biggest fan of having his pic taken.

He found this awesome walking stick that he hung his bike helmet on. He said, "Mom, I kinda look like one of those guys who walks around with a thing tied to a stick."

There's a power substation right next to this section. I couldn't get over this perspective.



Burwell's Bits said...

What beautiful pics. They make me miss Utah...However we don't have snow here and I wear flipflops year round so I guess I will take it. Does your hubby still wear shorts all year.

LaurieW said...

You'd better believe he does, lol :)

Emily said...

Beautiful photos! :)