Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Week of Femininity

I was introduced to a lovely young lady I want to say about a year ago (is that right Emily?). Her blog, A Beautiful Life, is full of beautiful and uplifting words, ideas, and creations. Not too long ago she set a goal for herself to wear skirts every day, in an effort to become more feminine as well as modest.

As she began sharing some of her experiences with us, an insight she had spoke straight to my heart and has never left. I can't recall her exact words, but the theme was this: she noticed a change in the way she acted, even in little every day things. Not only this but those around her - even complete strangers - began to treat her with just a little more respect and courtesy. All from wearing a skirt.

At least once a month now I wear a skirt for an entire week. It's nothing glam, nor do I typically wear my "Sunday" skirts, but they are skirts nonetheless. And you know what? I love it!!! I'll go walking in my skirt, I'll go shopping in my skirt, I'll even clean the dreaded bathroom in my skirt!

Emily's most recent post encouraged us to join the Feelin' Feminine Challenge from the Feelin' Feminine website, where women (old and young alike) are challenged to wear skirts or dresses for an entire week, starting on Wednesday Sept. 30th.

The challenge is not only to wear more modest and lady-like clothing, but to note the change in yourself as well as those around you. Ask yourself questions like, how does wearing skirts make you feel about yourself? Did you notice any difference in the way you carried yourself? How did friends and family respond? How about complete strangers?
Wearing skirts doesn't mean donning something that only stops at your toes, but I would strongly recommend not going above your knees, as the modesty issue comes into play. Still, have fun with it. Take pictures and post about it! Encourage your daughters to try it, and really sit down to tell them why it's important to maintain a level of feminity in our lives. God made us women, we should be unashamed to show it!


Emily said...

Yea - Yea - Yea!!! I am SOOO excited you are joining in! :) I had NO idea you were doing this alread yourself too once a month. I did my challenge about a year ago now - and haven't looked back since. I love these Challenges and they are so fun to see everyone's thoughts and ideas.

So many women think skirts and dresses are restricting - but I think they are FREEING. I, too, scrub the bathroom floor in them, cook, shop, hike - etc. etc.

I can't wait to see your week filled with blogging about it!

Josie and Wayne said...

This sounds like a great challenge I won't be participating in any time soon. I like the idea though. I just don't really have many skirts and dresses.

Momma Ellen said...

I love it! I've always liked wearing a skirt. Even on Sundays after church when I change into "something more comfortable," I find that a skirt really is more comfortable, especially when the other choice is jeans that feel hot and heavy or too tight and restricting. I think I will do it. Thanks, Laurie!

LaurieW said...

Yea Ellen!!! I'm so glad you'll be joining in! Though...I guess the weather could be better for it, lol. But I'm still so excited to start ♥