Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Dentist Day!!!

Unlike their mother, who spent many years having horrific tortures inflicted upon her by these loving doctors of teeth, my kids are quite excited when they find out it's time to go to the dentist.
I don't blame them. With tv's in the ceiling and a relaxed atmosphere, not to mention picking out prizes at the end, it's a small bit of heaven.

M was not too excited to go this time. I could fully understand why as three of her teeth were refusing to come out (two on the bottom, one on top). She was terrified the dentist would try to take them out and it would hurt. These three stubborn bits were shoved to the side of her mouth, forcing the incoming teeth to grow inward. We didn't realize this until the teeth came out. And oh boy was that an adventure.

One of the dental assisntants came out to let me know what was going on: M was refusing to let them take out the teeth, saying she'd rather go home and let her daddy do it (uh huh, yeah right). I asked to come back and see her, and between me, two assistants, and the dentist we all managed to trick, uh, talk her into letting the dentist take them out.

I got to watch the process, and holy cow those things did NOT want to come out! The top one especially (one of her molars). She had to have a little bit of a shot to numb things up enough to allow for removal. Then she spent the next hour with bits of her mouth numb, and even refused to eat dinner until she could taste it, lol. Still, she sure scored big with the Tooth Fairy last night! Three dollars is not too shabby for a half hour in the dentist chair.

M knows I'm the tooth fairy, so she wrote me a note and thanked me for being there to hold her hand when she felt scared. Wow did that make me feel good.

J came out first and without any sort of problem - cavity free! Too bad B couldn't say the same. He's got two that need to be filled in two weeks. Poor kid. He was sad not to have his picture taken with the other two in the "Zero Cavity Club." Yet, ever the optimist, he can't wait to see if he gets another prize when he's all done ;)

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